Simple yet effective ways of becoming a proficient songwriter

There’s nothing scarier and more intimidating for a songwriter than a blank piece of paper with no inspiration to go on. There are some of those days when your mind won’t tick the right way and in the right direction. But, that’s not something a songwriter can afford to experience if he/she wants to make some noise (quite literally). The only guaranteed way to improve your songwriting skills, which has stood the test of time, is by practising every day, even if you can only devote 15 minutes daily. There’s nothing that you can’t do if you practice enough. But, if you still seem to have problems coming up with a song that promises excellent feedback, here are a few tips which you can try to improve your skills. 

1. Draw the conclusion first

This is one tip that applies to all writing and storytelling activities. After you decide what you want to sing about, try establishing how you want the song to end. A song consists of storytelling in some form and a good story needs a good ending. Once you have your perfect ending, you now can work towards an established goal while ensuring that the listener is headed for a payoff at the end. 

2. Establish a connection with your listeners

Why do you think you love your favourite songs so much? It’s because somewhere you feel connected to them on a personal note. It could be a few lines or the entire song. Hence, you must remember that a song is about its listeners. You must write songs in the way that you want your listeners to interpret them. 

3. Record your thoughts, opinions and emotions

One great way to make sure you never run out of inspiration is to write journals. Not about what happened but how you feel about what happened. Get in touch with your emotional side and record how you feel on a given day. Read this journal before sitting down to write a song to open yourself to your thoughts and emotions quickly and not waste time trying to remember that great idea you had once. 

4. Space out 

There’s only a limit to how many creative thoughts one can get in an apartment or a studio. Instead, try taking a long, peaceful walk somewhere far away from the place where you usually write your songs. New places can give birth to new ideas and boost your creativity. If all else fails, change of air will help you clear your mind and relax. Stress is the biggest enemy of a songwriter. 

5. Let your mind run wild

The best thing a songwriter can do is exercise his or her imaginative skills. Your creativity is a result of the experiences you go through, your perception of those experiences, and how you choose to convey them to the world. Thus, let loose your imaginations now and then and be surprised at the results yourself.

The most important thing for a songwriter is patience. Writing good songs can take a lot of time, practice, and experience. But, you must not overwork or stress yourself. Take breaks from songwriting if needed, play video games, take a long walk – anything that will clear your head. You must be thoughtful in your songwriting skills to produce one hit after another. 

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