Flutin, in the form of HomeStars, brings for all the singing enthusiasts out there an opportunity to shine amidst the pandemic lockdown. If you have a knack for singing, no need to delay your stardom because this virtual music talent hunt is the key to a successful music career.

Presenting HomeStars by Flutin: A Unique Window of Opportunity For Indie Artists to Realize Their Music Dreams

Indie artists in this country indeed have a tough time making a career in music. However, Flutin music app has been trying to revolutionize it since its inception. Staying true to its mission of giving indie artists a platform for their talent to be showcased, Flutin has introduced HomeStars – a virtual music contest wherein the winner would receive exciting prizes and a golden opportunity to make their music dreams come true. 

Take the first step by submitting your entry video! 

This quarantine season, people everywhere are pursuing their fantasies and doing what they love to do. So, why should you be left behind? HomeStars offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for aspiring artists to really shine and show the world what they have got.

Starting off, you need to make a video of you singing a song (which you can easily do at the comfort of your home) and show us what you have got. You can submit your video on the official website of the Flutin music app. 

The submitted videos have been judged by none other than the Prince of Bhangra Sukhbir Singh, along with Sohail Sen and Rajiee M Shinde. Out of all the entries, 15 artists have been shortlisted. These fifteen artists are now competing for the title of the winner of Flutin’s HomeStars. Let us present you the list of the 15 most talented singers we discovered through HomeStars:

  1. Omkar Shirwaiker
  2. Anushka Patra
  3. Jasbir Singh Rattan
  4. Sachin Sood
  5. Himanshu Kumar
  6. Roopsi Narang
  7. Anubhav Sharma
  8. Debanshi Dash
  9. Vishal Rao
  10. Sreeranjini
  11. Sanjukta Das
  12. Gurmeet Kaur Hans
  13. Sayali Pandey
  14. Megha Mukherjee
  15. Karan Mishra

Let the competition and voting begin! 

As mentioned earlier, HomeStars is a virtual music contest. The fifteen selected artists are performing live under the guidance of our mentor panel which includes Sukhbir Singh, Sohail Sen and Rajiee M Shinde. These live performances are being broadcasted all across Flutin social media while the performances of these artists are available on Flutin App and Flutin Website.

People from all over the nation are watching these performances and giving their votes to their favourite performers. The votes will soon be counted and the three artists to get the most number of votes will be selected as the top three finalists. 

The live finale will then be held on the Flutin music app, its website and its social media channels. The three finalists will be performing live once again. Live voting will also go on during the finale. After the three performances, the votes will be counted and the artist to get the highest number of votes will be declared as the first-ever winner of Flutin’s HomeStars

The rewards of winning HomeStars are more than what you have been looking for! 

Upon winning the contest, the winner would be given a cash prize of a whopping Rs 25,000. The winner would also be given an opportunity to launch his or her own original composition under the Flutin First program. Under this initiative, the winner has to only give their best at singing his or her own original composition and leave the rest to Flutin.

From recording and shooting to production and promotion, Flutin will take care of all the expenses and ensure that the artist gets the launch that he or she deserves. The first and second runner ups would be awarded a cash prize of Rs 15,000 and Rs 10,000 respectively. 

You won’t get a better chance to enjoy music and such a fierce battle of talent in this lockdown season. And that too under the guidance of some of the experts of the music industry. What are you waiting for, then? Check out the outstanding performances of these artist and vote for them here

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