Remember how catchy the songs Googly Woogly Woosh by Ponds and The Taste of India by Amul were? Now that you do, we are sure that this advertising music must be going on in your head. But, why do marketing experts use music for commercials? Discover the power of music as a marketing tool today! 

Music is One of The Most Powerful Tools in Marketing

One of the rare things that have remained consistent in this ever-changing world is the intrinsic mutual relationship between music and advertising. From the days of black and white commercials on TV to present age digital and HD ads, experts have been relying on music to sell their products/services and gain brand recognition.

But, why is it so? Why do you instantly think of the song Washing Powder Nirma when you see the product? Why do these jingles get stuck in your head and ultimately tempt you to buy the products? Let’s dive deeper into what makes emotional advertising music a powerful marketing tool. 

The Emotional Quotient

We can all agree to the fact that ads without music seem outright bland and bleak. However, the reason experts use music for commercials is that it has the capability to influence people’s emotions and motivate them better than anything else.

marketing and music Music is One of The Most Powerful Tools in Marketing

Music helps people associate the products with a certain feeling which ultimately helps them in their decision to buy the products. Basically, music sets the tone which the commercials try to convey and solidifies the brand’s position and vision. 

The Storytelling Factor

An ad’s success is often dependent on how well it tells a story to potential customers. Stories are the building blocks of the relationship between the brand and the customers. Thus, music plays a significant role in enabling a brand to tell a story in a memorable way.

It has the ability to grasp the audience’s attention towards the brand and its product, whether dramatically or subtly. One perfect example would be the ads created by Cadbury 5 Star. Remember Ramesh and Suresh? 

marketig tool for music Music is One of The Most Powerful Tools in Marketing

The Inspirational Aspect

Music has always had the power to inspire people and influence them to perform certain actions. The best case to support this statement would be how national anthems unite the citizens of a country in their love for their motherland. Music acts as a catalyst for change – it can inspire you to do something better or motivate you to stand against what is wrong. This is why experts use music in advertising when they want to convey such messages to their audience. 

The Reinforcing Capacity

Music is definitely what helps brands put their message and image across – either by inspiring people to act or by telling them a compelling story. Brands often represent themselves by their target audience. In turn, the advertising music they choose must not contradict their message.

This is exactly the reason why hip, electronic music is used in commercials meant for youngsters whereas soothing, traditional music is used for elder people. In this way, music reinforces sales by giving a taste of the experience that the brand is offering.

music is the best marketing tool Music is One of The Most Powerful Tools in Marketing

Whether it’s a memorable tune or a catchy jingle, music is a powerful marketing tool in the hands of the brands to sell an experience. The next time a commercial pops up while you’re watching TV, try to focus on your reaction and your feeling to its music. Yes, that’s the power of music – it makes you feel certain emotions. Not convinced yet? Install the Flutin app and listen to some happy as well as sad songs for free to experience how music influences your mood. 

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