Ban On TikTok – An Incredibly Significant Music Platform – And The Emergence Of Flutin As An Alternate Musical Platform

On 29th June 2020, India’s government declared a nationwide ban on 59 Chinese apps, including TikTok. The TikTok ban came as a shock for millions of its active users as well as the music industry. Read on to discover the impact of the ban on the TikTok music app in the musical world and how Flutin can take its place as the next massive music platform. 

Ban On TikTok - An Incredibly Significant Music Platform

TikTok had an enormous impact on the music industry. With millions of active users, TikTok launched brand new stars, brought back old hits to life and influenced mainstream music in an unimaginable and unparalleled way. However, following the clash between Indian and Chinese army in the Galwan Valley, the Indian government decided, on 29th June 2020, to ban TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps over concerns regarding the safety and sovereignty of the Indian cyberspace. While this drastic step was taken to protect the Indian masses, the TikTok ban has resulted in a huge blow to the Indian music industry

The power formerly possessed by TikTok in promoting music

TikTok was largely a music-based platform that promoted old as well as new music in a way that no other platform could. We are sure that you too discovered a really catchy song on TikTok, which you had never heard before and instantly got hooked to it. In this way, the promotion of music on TikTok took several songs to the top of the charts, which would not have been possible otherwise. Besides, several artists pre-released their songs on TikTok to boost the popularity of their music. 

The implications of the TikTok ban on the music industry

TikTok was one of the fastest ways to popularize a song. With the ban on the app, the industry is devoid of a music platform that has such immense popularity and active users with the potential of making songs global hits. Several celebrities used to promote music themselves on the platform.

ban on tiktok and tktokers Ban On TikTok - An Incredibly Significant Music Platform

TikTok also gave birth to numerous new stars with millions of followers who used to publish their own TikTok videos and, in the process, promote the songs used in front of millions of their followers. In fact, millennials turned to this app to discover artists and musicians on TikTok, not to mention new songs and music. With the ban imposed on this app, the music industry is now left with a massive hole to fill in the music promotion sector. 

Flutin holds the potential to bridge this gap between good music and its promotion

It’s true that when one door locks, another one opens. Flutin, Indian music streaming app, has the capability of promoting not just big musical productions but also the songs composed by aspiring indie artists.

The Emergence Of Flutin As An Alternate Musical Platform

With cutting edge features like mood-based music recommendations, sharing of playlists, dedicating songs, and discovering fresh talents from all corners of the world, Flutin holds the potential of becoming the music industry’s new platform for promotion. Install the Flutin app to discover new songs, artists and musicians and listen to evergreen hits for free.


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