Live streaming has undoubtedly been a career saver for artists around the world. However, many emerging artists remain doubtful of the potential of live video performance. Flutin has addressed these budding artists and created a streaming platform – Flutin Live – that makes live streaming monetization simple and interesting. Here’s how you can monetize live streams via Flutin Live. 

The pandemic has enabled live video performance to replace on-stage shows and concerts. And to help emerging artists continue their journey to be heard and discovered every day, Flutin has created a dynamic live streaming platform – Flutin Live. Here’s how you can carry out live streaming monetization with ease on our Creator Suite. 

The ‘Buy Me A Drink’ Feature

buy me a drink feature as a virtual gift in the flutin live

‘Buy Me A Drink’ is an interesting way for your viewers to support you by donating money. In Flutin Live, each artist will have his or her own wallet. Each drink will be ₹ 50 and viewers can buy you as many drinks as they wish, which will be credited to artists’ wallets. Once an artist exceeds 500 points, he or she will be able to withdraw the amount. 

Paid Request

pin the request in flutin live

Requests are an inevitable part of any live video performance. If you have a substantial amount of followers, you must know that it is challenging to please everyone by performing their requested songs. And the viewers are ultimately left feeling ignored, which is not the experience you intended for them. Flutin has solved this problem by coming with a feature that lets viewers pin their requests on top by paying a small amount of money (usually between ₹10-₹30). Ensuring that the requests don’t get lost amidst a sea of comments and your viewers feel engaged with your session. 


ticketing feature in flutin live

Tickets are a great way to monetize live streams. However, Flutin has gone a step ahead and created a mechanism where artists will promote the sale of tickets for upcoming performances in the current video session via a direct link. That adds to the ease with which audiences get to know when and where to catch your live sessions. 



Merchandise is the icing on the cake – it helps you earn extra money and influences people to check out your songs. On Flutin Live, each artist will have their own page dedicated solely to feature their merch. Audiences will not only get the full details of your products but will also be able to purchase them right then and there – it’s your own personalized e-commerce platform. 

Boost Views by going live on FLutin Live

Flutin Live goes beyond helping artists promote themselves by enabling them to earn the money they would need to support a career in their passion. Designed exclusively to help emerging artists gain a wider reach, our Creator Suite will surely boost your career as well as your revenue figures.

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