Now that Flutin Live is up and running, we figured streamers – especially beginners – could do with a little help on coming up with an attractive video title for each event. After all, a compelling Flutin Live event title can do wonders in drawing in more viewers. Need some valuable tips? That’s why we’re here. Take a look at these foolproof video title tips to boost engagement. 

The Ultimate Hacks Of Writing Engaging Titles For Flutin Live Event

Whether you have been live streaming for a while now or are just beginning, coming up with a gripping video title each time can be quite a challenge. We advise you to be creative with the Flutin Live title if you are looking to engage more and more viewers. To assist you in this endeavor, we have compiled a list of the most valuable tips for coming up with exciting video titles.

1. Keep It Short And Crisp (but not too short)

engaging title for flutin live

Let’s be real – no one has the time to sit and read an essay for a video title. Have you ever checked out a video that had more than ten or twelve words in the title? We didn’t think so either. On the other hand, you cannot have a one word title either that builds no anticipation around your content. We think that the ideal limit is around eight-ten words. 

2. Write The First Letter Of Each Word In Capital

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Just like we have done in the pointers above as well as the blog title. This may seem silly, but believe it or not, it is proven to draw more attention to what is being written. Don’t go overboard and write everything in the capital – that could backfire. 

3. Numericals Help

flutin live event titles

Numbers give a kind of substance and structure to the information being portrayed. It also makes the title easier to read and draws in one’s focus. Hey! Whatever works, right? Well, numbers do.

4. Power Words To Power Through

power words for flutin live event

What are power words, you ask? Power words are those words that carry a strong emotional connotation and invokes a psychological response within the audiences’ brains. Try using powerful adjectives like “10 Nostalgic Songs” or “5 Rocking Party Anthems”.

5. Clickbaits Are A Strict No

avoid clickbait technique

The last thing you want to do is draw in your audience with misleading information and false hope of something. You don’t want to be branded as a trickster or a fraudster in the digital world and end up ruining your career before it even kicks off.

6. CTAs Offer Great Engagement

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Call To Action is a great way of reeling your audience in. It psychologically tricks them into taking action and, thus, lets you stay set up a comfortable spot in their minds. For instance, you could include keywords like “Watch This” or “Checkout,” or “Discover” in your title.

7. Headline Analyzer Tools Are Handy

headline analyzer

There are various headline analyzer tools available over the internet which could help you analyze the titles you come up with and work on titles that need improvement by evaluating the valuable feedback they offer.

These were some of the most effective video title tips that would definitely help you develop engaging video titles for your Flutin Live events. Now that you know the hacks, what are you waiting for? Write down all the titles you have in mind and see if it checks all the boxes.

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