With nearly half of the entire earth’s population present on social media, these platforms are incredible for one’s brand promotion. Whether you’ve been tapping into the potential of social media for a while now or just getting started, you can always make money off of it. Today, we discuss a few ways of monetizing your content on social media. 

Live Streaming, Brand Promotions and Sponsorships - Various ways to monetise your content on Social Media

Your content is your personal brand – it is the collection of your hard work, sweat, tears, experiences, thoughts and dreams. So, when it comes to your own brand promotion, social media is the place where you can appeal to the whole wide world and earn money for your efforts. How do you do that? Check out these proven ways of earning the big bucks from your content on social media. 

1. Live Streaming

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When it comes to monetizing your content, the most lucrative and popular way of the 21st century is via live stream platforms. With an opportunity to have anyone sitting in any corner of the world watch you live and support your art, live streaming has truly brought people together and provided artists with a way to follow their passion, especially during these difficult times. Whether you’re a singer, dancer, life coach, motivational speaker, comedian or any other form of artist, live streaming provides the biggest room for creative freedom. And the money making opportunities are equally mind blowing. For instance, the event streaming service Flutin not only offers multistreaming options (streaming your content on all your social media channels simultaneously) but also earn money via ticket sales, paid requests, and much more. 

2. Sponsorships

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Sponsorships are a great source of money which have been tried and tested throughout the digital age. When you choose the right sponsors, they appeal to their target audience via effective endorsements which helps you earn money off of your content. 

3. Paid Advertisements

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Paid advertisements are another incredibly effective and popular method of earning money from your content on social media. You basically include a brief promotion of someone else’s products in your content and get paid for it. 

4. Freemium to Premium

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This is an incredibly smart strategy and a proven method of earning money from your social media content. What happens is you basically start out by giving away free content for anyone to enjoy. Once you get your audience hooked to your creations, you switch to premium mode wherein viewers will have to pay a certain amount to gain access to some of your exclusive contents.

5. Subscriptions

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Subscriptions are another great way to make some cash. Your subscribers would essentially pay you a certain sum annually or monthly in exchange for exclusive benefits like early access to your merchandise, special contents or behind the scenes videos, bloopers and so on. 

6. Donations

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Unlike subscriptions wherein a certain number of users pay to gain access to your content, the donation structure makes your contents freely accessible. In exchange, it appeals to your viewers to donate money as much as and when they please. 

7. Sale of Merchandise

merchandise monetisation on flutin live

Once you gain a significant fanbase, you can start selling your own merchandise. The sale of merch is something that even the biggest of stars resort to due to its vast money-making opportunities. 

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These were the 7 proven and most sureshot ways of earning money from your contents on social media. Remember to keep your content original, engaging and intriguing and the money-making opportunities from them will surely surprise you.

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