Ever since we were hit by the pandemic, life hasn’t been the same for any of us. While the concern and anxiousness in our hearts are justified, it’s extremely important for us to remain composed and gather the strength to drive through this crisis. And these are the times when soothing music truly becomes our saviour. Arijit Singh is one such singer whose mesmerizing vocals comfort the troubled heart. So, here we bring to you the best singer Arijit Singh songs that will help you ease your mind. 

The Best Of Singer Arijit Singh Soothing Melodies To Calm Your Anxious Hearts Amid The Ongoing Chaos

It seems like the whole world has been living its worst nightmare since the past year. Recently, we were deeply saddened to know that Arijit Singh’s mother has been hospitalized and is in urgent need of A-blood group donors. Music lovers have been devastated by the news and many celebrities have spoken up requesting help as well. 

Many people have been facing tough times like these due to the pandemic. However, we must remind ourselves that no storm lasts forever. This is when the Bollywood music industry helps us pick ourselves up and gather the courage to fight back. Let’s take a look at the most soulful Hindi songs by meodious singer Arijit Singh to soothe your anxious minds. 

1. Tum Hi Ho

Arijit singh iconic song Tum Hi Ho from the movie ashiqui 2

Tum Hi Ho is an iconic track with a slow tempo that will instantly help you relax. The beautiful piano in the background compliments Arijit’s dreamy voice in a way that makes us feel the rhythm in our hearts. 

2. Kabira

Ranbir Kapoor Songs Kabira sung by arijit singh

Even though it’s a sad song, you will definitely feel Arijit Singh’s emotions in this number. There’s something really peaceful in the way the soft beats of the drums and the guitar riffs blend together. 

3. Samjhawan

Samjhawan song Varun Dhawan Alia Bhatt Arijit singh

Arijit Singh never fails to pour in his emotions in his songs, especially Samjhawan. He does justice to the beautiful lyrics of this song which was originally sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. 

4. Raabta

Raabta movie Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon

Arijit Singh proves yet again why he’s called the master of soul stirring tunes with Raabta. The way the song elevates from the soft piano to his wholesome voice will lift your spirits up as well. 

5. Phir Le Aya Dil

Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra Starrer Barfi Movie

No other singer could have done justice to the deep lyrics of this track than Arijit Singh. It’s a rare song that beautifully captures two emotions that have seldom been done by other musicians – hope and regret. 

6. Aaj Se Teri

Akshay Kumar Padman

Some might dismiss this song as too cheesy, but at this point, simple songs like these will definitely put a smile on your faces. It’s a sweet song brought to life by Arijit’s wonderful vocals and we can’t help but dwell in the memory of our loved ones. 

7. Phir Mohabbat

Phir Mohabbat Song

Phir Mohabbat, from the movie Murder 2, takes you on a musical journey to falling in love with someone. The peaceful instrumentals embracing Arijit’s melodious voice depicts how the heart can’t help but fall in love despite knowing the consequences. 

If you ever feel unrest within yourself, just go to the Flutin app and listen to these relaxing Arijit Singh songs and keep the singer’s mother and everyone out there suffering in your prayers. While these are troubling times, we must stay strong and level headed to defeat the pandemic once and for all.

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