While live streaming is all the rage these days, attracting and engaging audience for sustained growth is far from a walk in the park. It isn’t simply a matter of choosing the right live streaming platform and planning your show. Fostering the growth of your viewer base requires time, effort and, above all, the right techniques. Today, we discuss the best live streaming ideas for the guaranteed growth of your viewers

A Detailed Look Into The Top 10 Incredible Live Streaming Ideas To Build Your Audience Via Live Streaming

As people all over the world distance themselves physically in the wake of the pandemic, they are coming together over the virtual world. Thus, live streaming has become the saving grace for artists, trainers, gamers and many more. But, why should you care about increasing your viewers? 

Content creators hosting a show on a live streaming platform always look to attract more and more audience. However, this isn’t a matter of pride or boasting. Viewers are the only ones who can help you reach your streaming goals – be it earning money or getting a certain message across. After all, you host events for people to watch and, without them, everything else is meaningless. Here are the top 10 live streaming ideas which have proven to draw in more viewers. 

1. Have A Plan Of Action

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The biggest mistake streamers, especially beginners, commit is not planning their show in advance. Live streaming is not a stage for you to go with the flow or improvise. You must be prepared with at least the basic agenda like the type of content you want to put forward, how you want to showcase it, how you must promote it, how you can achieve your streaming goals, etc. 

Above all, it’s absolutely crucial for streamers to plan when they want to go live and adhere to it. It may be every alternate day or once in a week/month. This way, your viewers would know when to expect you and not miss out on your shows because you suddenly decided to go live without any prior indication. 

2. Invest To Earn

If you think that you can earn loads of money by streaming via just your smartphone, then you need to think again. At a time when the average internet cost in India is way below $20 per month, viewers care a great deal about video and audio quality. Therefore, make sure you have a secure internet connection, good quality microphone and camera, proper lighting, etc. 

3. Create Relevant Content

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Do not go live simply for the sake of it. As mentioned above, you need to be sure about the type of content you want people to see. It could be about trending topics, any social phenomenon or simply an entertaining bit. But, make sure that your content stays with your audience long after your stream is over. Present it in a unique and engaging way. Don’t be shy to do a little trial and error method to determine what clicks with your target audience. 

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4. Details Need Attention

Many times streamers forget that little details such as event name, tags, description, etc., can also make a significant impact on the success of their streams. In the section to fill details about your event on Flutin Live, make sure to include a catchy event title, tags, description and an attractive cover image. 

5. Promotion Pays Off

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Today, there’s no limit to the number of people you can reach via social media platforms. So, why not make the most of it? Share the link to your show on all your social media channels. Have your friends, family members and colleagues spread the word as much as they can. Send emails to your existing followers. The larger the hype around your event, the more viewers will be tuning in to watch you live. 

6. Interact To Engage

One of the proven ways to attract and retain viewers is to interact with them directly during your live streams. When you make your viewers feel a part of the show, they feel more personally connected to it as well as you. Thus, they are more likely to return to your streams. 

7. Clock The Right Duration

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While the length of your live stream is heavily dependent on the type of your content, you must keep a general idea of the right duration in mind. For instance, live shows such as Q&A sessions and behind the scenes footage can last anywhere between 10-20 minutes. On the other hand, performances of music, dance or any other form of art or gaming sessions would last significantly longer. End it too soon and you’ll lose potential viewers. Drag it too long and you will definitely lose your existing viewers for good. Therefore, it’s important to strike the right balance. 

8. Reward Your Audience

At a time when there are thousands of people streaming about each and every topic that you can think of, give your viewers a strong reason to choose you. Offering free gifts and giveaways to your audience gives them a tremendous motivational push to keep tuning in to your shows. It doesn’t need to be anything too expensive or over the top. Just little tokens of appreciation acknowledging their continued support can solidify your relationship with your viewers. 

9. Collaborate With Other Streamers

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If you take a look around, you’ll find numerous streamers on various social media and streaming platforms. Try collaborating with a few of them to tap into their viewer base as well. A well-known face on your live stream can escalate your viewer count tremendously. 

10. Track Your Streams

How would you know whether your methods are working if you don’t keep a tab on your statistics? Keep track of important areas such as number of live viewers, number of likes and comments, number of reshares, etc. to eliminate predictions and guesswork and know whether your strategies are working. 

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While this list isn’t exhaustive, the above-mentioned live streaming ideas have proven to increase viewer count for all kinds of streamers. Experiment with these ideas on Flutin Live, see which technique works the best for you and, most importantly, have fun!

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