The British rock band Coldplay is one whom everyone can’t help but love. The seven-time Grammy Award winning band has touched the lives of many with their unique music. Coldplay songs are reminiscent of contagious melodies which spread the universal messages of love, joy, hope and loss. The best Coldplay songs even have the toughest of us shedding tears. Let’s take a quick look at the 10 Coldplay biggest hits of all time. 

The 10 Most Iconic Coldplay Songs Of All Time That Must Be On Your Playlist

BTS’ fans ARMYs have been speculating a collaboration between their favourite boy band and the British icons Coldplay. However, the two fandoms recently went into a frenzy when a MatchLyric page posted lyrics of a song supposedly titled “My Universe” which is rumoured to be the product of their collaboration. While we hold our breaths here and hope this news comes true, let’s look back at the 10 best Coldplay songs of all time. 

1. Hymn For The Weekend

Hymn for the  weekend song by coldplay

When speaking of Coldplay songs and collaborations, you cannot miss Hymn For The Weekend. The song not only had an uncredited appearance from Queen Bey herself but also holds a special place in the hearts of Indians as the video features the Indian festival of Holi. 

2. The Scientist

the scientist songs by coldplay songs

Arguably the most soul stirring ballad ever created by the band, The Scientist touches upon the most complex yet beautiful of all emotions – love. Beginning softly with just a piano track in the background, singer Chris Martin hits notes that elevate your heart to the moon. 

3. A Sky Full Of Stars

Coldplay band amazing songs

The concepts of love and freedom have often been experimented with by the rock band in different lights. This track features mesmerizing EDM rhythms and heavy beat drops that put you in a trance-like state on the dance floor. 

4. Viva La Vida

Viva La Vida songs

Ditching their typical instrumentals, Coldplay goes for a different vibe in Viva La Vida with full blown string orchestra and marshal drums. Translating to “Live the life”, the song beautifully captures the larger-than-life grandiose. 

5. Fix You

Coldplay songs fix you

Fix You is one of Coldplay’s biggest hits of all time. The greatness of the song has even led BTS to do a cover of it themselves. Now, it really seems ironic with all the rumours about their collaboration in the air. 

6. Yellow

Yellow songs

Yellow is the song that marked the beginning of an incomparable career for Coldplay. It was their first entry into the Top 10 back in the 2000s. The instrumentals might be simplistic in nature but the emotions this song raises in your heart is much powerful. 

7. Something Just Like This

Something just like this

Something Just Like This is yet another proof of the fact that Coldplay collaborations never disappoint. Joining hands with The Chainsmokers this time, the upbeat pop track is arguably Coldplay’s greatest hit. 

8. Paradise


Many Coldplay fans describe Paradise to be what musical bliss sounds and feels like. The song tells the tale of a small girl who sees the world in a light that’s different from reality. 

9. Clocks


Clocks is the song that gave the music of Coldplay a new direction. Backed by the beautiful sounds of a piano, away from the regular guitar-driven melodies, Clocks is a song that has been sampled countless times ever since. 

10. In My Eyes

in my eyes pop

In My Eyes is yet another iconic track that puts across the universal message of the expectations and realities of life. This won the band a Grammy Award for the Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal. 

There you have it – our pick of the best Coldplay songs of all time. While you wait for the collaboration rumours to come true, make this time memorable by listening to these spectacular songs on the Flutin app.

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