Interesting Facts About Birthday Girl Katrina Kaif That You Probably Didn’t Know Before

Katrina Kaif, Bollywood’s queen of glamour, never fails to captivate the audience with her excellent screen presence. Be it dancing or acting, this leading lady has grabbed the throne from the very beginning and never let it go. Besides, her interviews will tell you that she’s also an extremely intelligent and intellectual person. However, there are certain things about Katrina Kaif’s life and career that not many know about. We present to you 7 lesser known facts about this multi-talented superstar. 

Interesting Facts About Birthday Girl Katrina Kaif That You Probably Didn't Know Before

It’s that time of the year again when one of Bollywood’s greatest actresses, Katrina Kaif, yet again defies science by growing a year older but actually looking several years younger than she really is. Her plethora of talents needs no introduction. She has gone on to redefine the extent to which a female actress can influence the performance of a film and paved the way for numerous younger actresses to be fierce on their own feet. Let’s take a look at some of the lesser known facts about Katrina Kaif’s life that most people don’t know about. 

1. A Compassionate Philanthropist

Katrina is one of those rare gems who doesn’t believe in publicising her humanitarian works. She donates a significant portion of earnings to help underprivileged girls get the education they need. Besides supporting them financially, Katrina visits these children personally and sings rhymes and does voiceovers with the help of A. R. Rahman. 

2. A Mother’s Influence

So, where does Katrina Kaif get her humanitarian side from? It’s from her mother Suzanne Turquotte. Her mother works with international NGOs, as a result of which her family had to travel around the world. Katrina was born in Hong Kong, lived in Hawaii till the age of 14, shifted to England next before finally coming to Mumbai. 

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3. The Richest Female Celebrity

That’s who she was in the year 2013. Her annual earnings during that period is estimated to have been over Rs. 60 crores. In fact, she became the only woman to enter the top 10 of Forbes India Celebrity 100.

4. A Child of Homeschooling

Katrina Kaif never went to school. Since her family had to relocate constantly, her mother Suzanne Turquotte used to teach her at home. 

5. A Holder of British Citizenship

That’s right, she holds British citizenship and works in India on an employment visa. Why doesn’t she apply for Indian citizenship? Well, getting an Indian citizenship would mean forgoing her British one. Therefore, she continues to work here and occasionally visits her mother in England. 

6. A Humble Queen

You know now that Katrina is one of the highest paid Indian actresses of today. However, this humble queen doesn’t own any property in India. So, where does she live? She stays in a rented accommodation in Bandra. 

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7. No To ‘Kat’s

You might have seen the nickname ‘Kat’ being used on social media and interviews to address Katrina. Here’s a warning: she hates being called that. So, next time you post a picture or movie clip of her, avoid calling her ‘Kat’.

Katrina Kaif is a quiet and reserved person but celebrities who know her personally always remark that she’s extremely friendly, kind and a party freak. As the gorgeous diva turns 38 today, put on her greatest hits on the Flutin app and make her birthday memorable for you as well as her.

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