Instagram Live is an emerging platform whose expanding reach presents an incredible opportunity for streamers to spread their wings and showcase their talents. However, you need to have a proper Instagram strategy in place to truly witness the benefits this live streaming platform can bring for your career. That’s exactly where we have got you covered. Check out these proven live streaming tips to master Instagram Live. 

Stream Like A Pro On Instagram Live With These Amazing Live Streaming Tips

Instagram is no longer a platform restricted to only posting photographs. Today, it is one of the leading live streaming platforms in the world, giving millions of content creators the vast platform they need to grow their careers without any limit. With billions of active monthly users, Instagram Live is the perfect platform to gain followers and expand your reach. For this, you need to have a solid Instagram strategy in place to stream like a professional and engage every viewer that comes your way. Here are some amazing tips to conquer the lucrative world of Instagram Live. 

1. Know Your Content

In Instagram Live you should know your content

If you want to engage with your viewers directly, you need to offer them sufficient reason to invest their time in your event. Instagram Live videos stay accessible for a limited amount of time after you have finished streaming. That’s why you need to keep these videos stay longer in your viewers’ minds. The very first step would be to determine the objective of your live video. For instance:

  • Launching a product
  • Informational guide about a product/service
  • Q&A session
  • Go live together with a friend

The purpose of your live videos must be stated clearly to make the audience take the steps you want. 

2. Say No To Improvisation Or Excessive Scripting

What must you do then? Should you improvise and go with the flow or prepare a script and restrict yourself to it? The answer lies somewhere in between. You must have a basic structure or plan laid out to follow to avoid coming off as an amateur on camera. At the same time, you must remember that you cannot plan out things to the last detail. You will need to leave room for improvisation. This way, you can reduce the risks of error as well as have time for unplanned occurrences like an unexpected question from the audience. 

3. Turn On Auto Save For Your IG Lives

Turn On Auto Save on Instagram Live

You can carry this out by going to your IG Story settings by tapping on the gear-like icon at the top left corner of the screen. Once there, turn on the following – add your video to your stories, save your video, and share your story to Facebook. 

Why should you go through this trouble? This will only help you to boost your presence in the digital sphere. This strategy works wonders for those willing to share exclusive information with priority clients. 

4. Promotion Is The Key

Imagine this situation – you have prepared very hard for your online event. You have practised all day and are ready to show the world what you have got. But, there are hardly any viewers coming in despite your stellar performance. What went wrong? 

The solution lies in the promotion. Promote your live show well in advance and give your viewers some time to make sure they grab an exclusive seat to your event. You can promote your Instagram Live event on the live streaming platform itself, thereby making it more convenient for your followers to tune in. 

5. Use The Time Wisely

Use your time wisely on streaming

Instagram Live videos are time-bound. But don’t worry, this doesn’t affect your position much. You just need to address this limited-time situation and make sure to let your audience know of the objective of your live video. You can also throw in some marketing strategies and offer some discounts on doing certain things. 

6. Don’t Forget About The Video Title

When live streaming, you must ensure maximum visibility to remain memorable for your viewers. A good way to do this is to pin your video title on the top of the video. This also helps in making sure that late comers get a chance to catch-up with what’s been shown by you. Here’s how you can enable the title to be pinned at the top:

  • Starting of IG Live
  • Go to the ‘pin comments. 
  • Type your video title name there 
  • Tap the comment on it. 

7. Monitor Your Viewers

Monitor your viewers

While it’s crucial for a live stream to attract as many viewers as possible, you must keep a cheque on the people watching your stream. In fact, if you become a regular streamer, you can even see some familiar faces and must reward or at least acknowledge your regular viewers to give them a reason to stand by you. 

8. Go Live With A Friend

Stream with Flutin Live

Instagram’s wonderful features allow you to go live together with a few other people. Going live with someone not only ups the engaging experience but also gives you the opportunity to tap into the other person’s followers. This ultimately expands your reach and enables you to go beyond your regular group of viewers. 

Go Live Like A Pro

Instagram Live is truly a fantastic platform filled to the brim with mind blowing opportunities for streamers, beginners as well as established ones. What’s better than IG Live? The option to stream to all major streaming platforms simultaneously. Head over to Flutin and get started at mastering Instagram Live.

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