Storytelling is a powerful tool for entertaining, educating, and retaining your audience. Through storytelling, you can bring your brand, ideas, or even personalities to life. But, how do you incorporate storytelling in a live streaming event when people would be watching you in real-time? We get it – the pressure would be enormous, especially knowing that if something goes wrong then there’s little room for improvement. However, the benefits of storytelling far exceed the risks. Moreover, we are here to make sure that you master storytelling like no other and leave no room for error. Read on to discover our proven storytelling hacks.

Storytelling Via Live Streaming: 5 Tips To Make Your Audience Come Back For More

Live streaming is increasingly becoming one of the most famous sources of entertainment on the internet today. It is an amazing way to step out of the shadows and garner support and love from the people by presenting yourself to them in real-time. However, the idea that people get to watch you live and interact with you becomes insufficient to retain your viewers. You need to give your audience a reason to come back for more. That’s where the art of storytelling comes in as a lifesaver. Today, we have 5 storytelling hacks for you to be a champion at it. But, before we get into that, let’s take a look at why you should be doing it in the first place.

What are the benefits of storytelling for streamers?

In short, a proven method of ensuring that people remember you among millions of other streamers and want to listen to you is storytelling. This is not a personal take but simply how the human brain functions. Approximately 70% of information is retained in the brain by way of stories, while only 10% comes from data and statistics. This is because stories trigger the experience part of the brain, and people rely more on feelings than facts to judge brands. And yes, even if you are an individual streamer, you are a brand yourself. Therefore, storytelling helps evoke positive responses from the audience and create a lasting impact on them.

What are some effective storytelling tips and tricks?

Getting down to business, here are 5 proven tips to master the art of storytelling.

1. Have a Relatable Protagonist in Your Story

Have a protagonist in storytelling via live streaming

Heroes leave home on a journey to solve problems, meet and overcome challenges, and return home with rewards. You need to create a hero for your live streaming story to build loyalty and trust with the audience. In order to do that, you need to know their needs, feelings, fears, experiences, and cultural backgrounds. Always write down a rough script before a live show. Use storytelling elements to make it more engaging. Your audience should be able to follow your narrative arc, relate to it, be immersed in all the twists, and watch you to the end. 

2. Include Surprising Turns in The Story

Plot twist storytelling in livestreaming

With so much content out there, users are finicky and tough to hook today. However, attention spans can increase over time. The trick is to surprise the audience during your live show. Storytellers call this a plot twist that catches the audience off-guard and keeps them glued till the end. This plot twist can be found in any character, colour, or anything else that is unexpected for the audience. You can add an eye-catching background element, invite an unexpected guest, or alter your script in any way that will get the audience’s attention.

3. Let The Message Speak for Itself

color emotion guide in storytelling

Content creators follow a two-fold principle in their storytelling: “Show, don’t tell”. Humans are visual creatures, so they utilize the best tools they can to make their story a fully-detailed composition in their consumers’ minds. There are numerous ways to convey a message with video storytelling, such as filters, colours, background scores, and even the vibe you create while shooting. For instance, a plain dark background depicts the emotions of loneliness or sadness whereas bright pops of colours convey feelings of joy.

4. Don’t Underestimate The Significance of a Melody

Importance of melody live streaming

Different emotions can be triggered by music, which is a powerful communication tool. When you choose the right music for your live show, you can establish emotional associations that enrich the audience’s understanding of the event. However, choosing music for your live broadcast should be determined by the topic and mood you would like to portray in the video story.

5. Be a Stickler to Details

Details provide context. When you stream, what you wear, how your background is set, the presence of a green screen, and all the other tiny details – your viewers take in all of this and it serves as an important part of building associations and takeaways. On the other hand, too many details can cause viewers to be distracted, misled, and confused. Organize your live streaming set in a way that’s easy to follow and understand.

To sum it all up, storytelling should be your priority when streaming and the above tips would help you engage your audience to the fullest. Head over to Flutin and let us know how these tips worked out for you.

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