While going live, every streamer has to make sure that his surrounding environment is perfect and non-distracting. At times, finding the right background with a proper internet connection and the least noise is certainly harder than you think. So streamers these days use the green screens is the solution. Just insert a virtual background and VOILA! You are good to go. Through a green screen, you do not have to worry about your bedroom being messy or you sitting in the storage room for peaceful streaming. For high-quality streaming, remember to use a decent-quality green screen. In this guide, you will be briefed on the basics of a green screen and the top 10 green screens.

green screen for streaming

What is a green screen?

A green screen lets you create virtual backgrounds or add special effects to your stream. Using chroma keying, you can key out the colour of the screen, making your background “disappear.” Then, you can use live streaming broadcast software or webcam software to add a virtual background.

Why are the green screens green?

Green screens are not usually green instead different colours like blue are also used. Green is the most preferred colour. Chroma keying involves identifying a certain colour and displaying your specific background on it, for example – if you chroma key light brown colour, it can match your hair as well as skin tone leading to your face being covered. Green is used as it won’t match your skin or hair. Keep in mind not to wear green cloth while live streaming.

Why do you need a green screen for streaming?

Streamers prefer to use a green screen in order to make their live shows more interesting, professional and eye-catching. If you do not have a proper live streaming studio for you then a green screen is a solution for you. A virtual background will let you replace things that are sensitive, simple or too boring.

Some use cases for the green screen include:

  1. Gamer who want the “sitting inside the game” effect
  2. Streams or tutorials that require full-screen screencasting
  3. An amusing background to have fun with the audience
  4. Maintaining consistency if you have to stream from different physical locations frequently
  5. Display branding or calls to action (CTAs) in the background

Lighting a green screen

To use a green screen, proper lighting is the utmost requirement. You need to make sure that there is no uneven colouration or else the chroma key won’t identify the colour.

lighting for green screen

You need to light up the screen evenly so that the entire background appears as a hue.

Chroma keying and your CPU

Live streaming uses a big section of your computer’s resources. Chroma keying requires even more. Ensure that your PC is powerful enough to handle the load. If not then consider switching from software encoding to hardware encoding to lighten the load on your PC.

How do you choose a green screen?

Taking these considerations into account, select the most suitable green screen for you:

1. Size : The proper size for your green screen depends on your camera. First, you need to decide how far away the camera will be from you and your background. Obviously, the further away you place it, the more of the green screen you can see. The camera’s angle of view also helps you determine the right size for a green screen.

2. Material : The most important factor to remember is that the material of the green screen should not be reflective. Muslin can be a good choice as it is dull and doesn’t reflect. But it can be difficult to store as it shows creases and wrinkles over time.

3. Stand : You need some support to place your green screen, sticking it on the wall won’t always work. So you will need a stand sturdy enough to keep your green screen stretched so that it shows no wrinkles and is tightly placed behind you.

4. Portability : If you are planning to remove your green screen as soon as you are done streaming, then make sure to have a portable one. So that you can easily wind up and move it from one place to another without damaging it.

5. Price : Most green screens aren’t expensive but the cost is always relative. Remember that a higher price of a green screen doesn’t guarantee quality; make sure to select a green screen based on your requirements.

How to stream with a green screen?

To use a green screen for your live show, you need to prepare the setup and then ready the chroma key in your streaming software.

Here are a few tips for setting up your studio with a green screen:

  • Always get a bigger screen than you think you need
  • Put enough distance between the subject and the screen so there are no shadows
  • Place your screen, lights, camera, and subject and run a test beforehand
  • Remove all green or reflective items from the subject

You will need live streaming software which could support, a green screen. For that, you can surely try using FLUTIN.

green screen

Flutin will soon be launching its green screen supporting feature for high-quality streaming experience.

Best green screens for streaming

Here is a list of all the best green screens available for streaming which would be ideal for streamers:

⭐ Elgato Collapsible Chroma Key Panel

If you want a green screen which is big enough Elgato Collapsible Chroma Key Panel is the best choice.

  • The Elgato Collapsible Chroma Key Panel is large enough to provide ample coverage, allowing you to capture full-body shots or accommodate multiple people in your frame.
  • Its X-shaped stand is not only adjustable but also sturdy, ensuring stability during use.
  • The fabric used in this green screen is of high quality, tightly fitting onto the frame without any visible wrinkles or creases, resulting in a smooth and professional-looking background.
  • Thanks to its collapsible design, you can easily fold it down into a compact size, making it convenient to store or transport when you need to take it on the go.

⭐ Neewer Chromakey Double-Sided Backdrop

If you need a flexible colour option, then Neewer Chromakey Double-Sided Backdrop is the best for you.

  • The Neewer Chromakey Double-Sided Backdrop provides versatility with its dual-color options. You can use the green side for chroma key effects or switch to the blue side for different creative choices.
  • It is lightweight and foldable, making it portable and suitable for on-location shoots or home setups.
  • While a separate stand is required for support, the backdrop is designed to be compatible with most standard stands, offering flexibility in setup options.

⭐ Fancierstudio Green Screen Background

For a green screen that extends to and covers the floor, try the Fancierstudio Green Screen Background.

  • The Fancierstudio Green Screen Background offers a full-length solution, reaching from the floor to the desired height, allowing for complete coverage.
  • The included stand provides a sturdy and adjustable support system, ensuring stability during your recording sessions.
  • Its portable nature is enhanced by the convenient carrying case, making it easy to transport the green screen to different locations or store it when not in use.

⭐ LimoStudio Green Muslin Background

The LimoStudio Green Muslin Background is one of the most inexpensive on this list, so if you’re on a budget, it’s worth a look.

  • The LimoStudio Green Muslin Background is an affordable choice, making it suitable for users on a budget or those who don’t require extensive features.
  • While it lacks a stand or frame, it offers flexibility in how it can be set up. The pre-stitched loop allows you to hang it on a rod, and the included clips provide an alternative option for securing it.
  • The green muslin fabric is durable and provides a clean chroma key surface for your video or photography projects.

⭐ Webaround Big Shot Office Chair Green Screen

For gamers or streamers who mostly sit in front of their cameras, the Webaround Big Shot Office Chair Green Screen is a quirky solution.

  • The Webaround Big Shot Office Chair Green Screen is designed specifically for individuals who spend a significant amount of time seated during their recordings or live streaming sessions.
  • Its unique disc shape easily attaches to the back of your desk chair, creating a circular green background around you, which is ideal for headshot or upper-body shots.
  • The compact and portable design allows for quick and easy setup, and it can be conveniently stored when not in use.
  • While it may not provide as much coverage as larger green screens, it offers a practical and space-saving solution for content creators who prioritize convenience.

⭐ Elgato Green Screen

The Elgato Green Screen is a retractable chroma key panel that provides a professional setup. It easily expands and retracts, allowing for convenient storage and portability.

  • The Elgato Green Screen is a high-quality chroma key panel designed for professional setups.
  • It features a retractable design, allowing it to easily expand and retract as needed.
  • The retractable feature also enables convenient storage and portability, making it suitable for on-the-go use.
  • The green screen surface provides excellent color saturation and keying capabilities for seamless background removal.
  • It is compatible with various video editing and streaming software, making it versatile for different applications.

⭐ Emart Green Screen Backdrop

The Emart Green Screen Backdrop is a versatile option that comes with a stand. It is made of wrinkle-resistant fabric and is suitable for photography, video production, and streaming.

  • The Emart Green Screen Backdrop is a versatile option that includes a stand for easy setup.
  • It is made of wrinkle-resistant fabric, ensuring a smooth and seamless background.
  • The green screen backdrop is suitable for a range of uses, including photography, video production, and streaming.
  • The included stand provides stability and allows for height adjustment to accommodate different shooting angles.
  • It is a convenient and affordable solution for individuals or small studios looking to create a professional green screen setup.

⭐ Julius Studio Green Screen

The Julius Studio Green Screen offers a durable and seamless fabric background. It comes with a stand and features an adjustable width, making it suitable for various setups.

  • The Julius Studio Green Screen offers a durable and seamless fabric background for chroma keying.
  • It comes with a stand that provides stability and supports the green screen effectively.
  • The adjustable width feature allows users to customize the size of the green screen to fit their specific needs.
  • The seamless fabric ensures a clean and uniform background for reliable background removal during post-production.
  • It is suitable for various setups, such as photography studios, video production, or live streaming environments.

⭐ Fotodiox Collapsible Green Screen

The Fotodiox Collapsible Green Screen is a portable option that quickly folds into a compact size. It comes with a stand and offers a smooth and wrinkle-free chroma key surface.

  • The Fotodiox Collapsible Green Screen is a portable option that is designed for convenience.
  • It quickly folds into a compact size, making it easy to transport and store.
  • The green screen comes with a stand that provides stability and support during use.
  • The chroma key surface is smooth and wrinkle-free, ensuring optimal results for background removal.
  • It is a practical choice for photographers, videographers, or content creators who require a portable green screen solution.

⭐ ePhoto Green Screen Kit

The ePhoto Green Screen Kit includes a green muslin backdrop, stands, and a carrying case. It is an affordable option for creating a green screen setup for photography or video production.

  • The ePhoto Green Screen Kit is a comprehensive package that includes a green muslin backdrop, stands, and a carrying case.
  • The green muslin backdrop offers a classic and reliable option for chroma keying.
  • The included stands provide stability and adjustable height for different shooting requirements.
  • The carrying case allows for convenient transportation and storage of the entire kit.
  • It is an affordable option that offers all the essential components for setting up a green screen for photography or video production purposes.


A green screen gives your live stream a whole new look and also gives you high-quality experience. Choosing a green screen wisely will let you get the best value for your investment. The above guide clearly lists all that you need to keep in mind before choosing a green screen for you. All you need is proper lighting and you are good to go. Don’t forget to use the best green screen supporting live streaming software for the best experience.

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