With the increase in the number of live streamers, there has been an increase in the rate of competition. So, to excel in this field streams these days organise weekly live stream shows to keep their audience engaged. At times your regular live streams may become a little less interesting and engaging for your audience. You may be giving all your attention and hard work, but it often gets difficult to keep your audience attentive. The question is : How to get our audience’s attention week after week and prevent live streaming burnout?

This guide will provide you with a step-by-step process of creating an engaging weekly live stream show that will help grow your audience. Let’s begin!

How to grow your audience with a weekly live stream show?

Step 1: Plan your live stream in advance

Fix a day and time to go live every week. Going live every week on a respective day will make your audience aware of when you will be coming live. This will increase your views and attendance as your audience will expect a new live stream every week.

plan live stream show

One of the most crucial reasons to choose live streaming over recorded video is that you get to interact and engage with your audience during the live stream show. This can also create a particular fan base of yours. Having a consistent day will build your audience more quickly as they will know when to show up for your live stream.

Step 2: Plan your live stream content

An unscripted and rambling live video will turn off many viewers. Also, the audience will stop taking interest in your live streams unless you let them know what you will be presenting in your live stream show.

Plan your live stream content

In addition, your audience wants to know when to show up, when new content is coming out, and what value they’ll get out of it. Using a simple live stream outline can ensure that you’re consistently delivering value. This might seem boring to follow the same format in every live stream but predictably this is what the audience wants. It will also enable your live videos to gain trust and make them feel valued.

How do you create a consistent value in your live streams?

Using a simple live stream outline

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Intro
  4. Body
  5. Call to action
  6. Outro


The first sentence is really important to attract your audience. Remember to make it eye catchy to hook your audience but don’t give away all the answers.


NO! This will tell the audience what you will be talking about – Flutin Multistreaming

It could also bring up objections like

1. I don’t know about Flutin

2. I am not interested in Multistreaming

3. I already know about this concept


YES! This title is more attention-seeking and not too straightforward. Your audience will know about the concept of your next live video but will not be getting all of its answers. This will provoke them to watch your live stream to feed their curious minds.


Think of a movie teaser, it gives you certain glimpses from the movie which provokes you to watch the movie. Increasing curiosity and anticipation is what an accurate description does

Example of a description which needs improvement –

“I will tell you ways to multistream your live video quickly using Flutin. It will be a step-by-step process explained in detail”

Example of a better description :

“I will be presenting my tips and tricks to stream on multiple platforms with MUST USE software which will ease up your live streaming experience.

Just like the title, a description should also be building up curiosity but not too straightforward


The body is the base of your content, you can experiment with what your audience likes using these tools:

1. Props

2. Slides

3. Stories

4. Live Q&A with your audience

5. Personal feedback for a viewer

6. Special guests and more

It doesn’t and shouldn’t always be a talking head. There are many ways to spice up your live stream to make it valuable, engaging, and entertaining while still being authentically you. Use the “Power Of One”. Many live streams try to speak to the many because they see a group of people watching them. However, it’s you talking to just one viewer. So, rather than speaking to the many, speak to the one.

Call to Action:

Always have a call to action such as –

·   Let me know in the comments your favorite Multistreaming platform.

·   Follow me

·   Grab a gift

The biggest mistake most live streamers make is always selling as a call to action. Asking the viewer always to direct message you or book a call with you will turn viewers away if done excessively. Instead do soft calls such as follow me for more updates, click on the notification bell etc.


A usual sign off or a signature phrase will help you to conclude your live video. Don’t forget to remind your audience to catch you next week. Flutin will soon be providing the OUTRO VIDEO feature for streamers to add an enchanting end to their live streams. This will attract your viewers and also keep your video authentic.

This 2 step guide enlists you all the requirements to keep viewers awaited for your weekly live stream. A specific and pre decided format may seem a little boring but it works for sure. The main aim of every live stream show is to attract views and audience, this format is best suited to increase your live streaming views. Flutin brings your various tools to enhance the live streaming experience of your viewers. An experience which they will never forget and will keep reminding them to CATCH YOU EVERY WEEK. 

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