Today, the many benefits of online streaming are attracting thousands of houses of worship and driving them to live stream their church services. Church live streaming may seem confusing to those unfamiliar with online streaming. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why live streaming church services is the trend now and why you should begin streaming live church services as well.

Church services

The COVID-19 pandemic induced a record reduction in church memberships and attendees during church services. However, just like in other spheres of life, technology has quite ironically become a saviour to the houses of worship and church services. Today, you can tune into a church live stream in any part of the world and be spiritual with God. But, wait. Does church live streaming sound weird to you? Well, it shouldn’t. Streaming live church services is becoming more and more popular by the day and you must catch up. Churches must make a change. Not in the message, but in the way it is delivered.

How can you integrate church services with technology?

It is more important for churches to consider new ways to reach out to existing members and attract new ones, instead of sticking strictly to the traditional in-person format. A church can be engaging, fun, and meaningful even while focusing on attracting and engaging the community in new ways. 

Church services

A creative solution to the above is interacting with the members via social media, like posting GIFs or streaming live videos. This interaction can be a fun experience and a moving message at the same time. Similarly, many churches are integrating smart devices into their church services. As a result, these approaches support young generations’ changing worship styles while strengthening the congregation’s sense of community.

Church services

What are the benefits of church live streaming?

The act of live streaming involves streaming video on one or more social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, in real-time. Live streaming is enhanced by live comments and chatting to help spark engagement. Online video content has been gaining popularity and engagement for many years now.

Through live streaming, you can create a more casual, open atmosphere for your congregation. Many churches have already started to connect with youthful vigour by embracing modern music and technology. By live streaming, churches can eliminate rigid rituals and judgements that are prevalent in more traditional churches, providing a more welcoming environment for younger people. 

1. Benefits of social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook

Social networks like Facebook and YouTube are by far the most renowned in the world. According to user count and engagement, Facebook products take up three of the highest slots among the top 6 social apps. In terms of traffic, YouTube only trails Facebook’s main platform. There are several popular social networks like Twitter that offer live videos, including Facebook and YouTube. Facebook has nearly reached 3 billion active monthly users, while YouTube has over 2 billion. Therefore, the opportunities offered by these platforms are only logical to take advantage of.

2. Strong sense of community

The purpose of social media is to facilitate communication and connection. Connecting with church members and allowing them to connect with one another is a fundamental function. And social media immensely helps in opening people’s minds to each other and connecting with one another spiritually despite being from different backgrounds.

3. Improved reach and accessibility

There are nearly half a billion social media users in the world. Your audience, regardless of age, is online. You need to meet them there. People are seeking connections all over the internet as they seek new ways to build their spirituality. Due to this, live streams are becoming a more popular way to reach your congregation and attract new members. Utilizing tools such as Flutin, churches, prayer groups, and bible studies can stream live video simultaneously on multiple engaging social platforms. Worship can be conducted anywhere, including at home, while commuting, in a cafe, or even in a park.

How can you leverage Flutin to live stream church services?

With so many social media platforms out there, people are either on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or some other site. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could reach people on different platforms simultaneously? That’s exactly what Flutin is here for. You can multistream your church services to all the major platforms out there. You can even add video customizations, accept donations for a notable cause or even record your streams and upload them on your channels later for people who might have missed it.

All you need now is a clear and effective strategy to execute and Flutin will take care of the rest. Head over to the website today to begin your new journey of loving God!

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