We can all agree that we have all acted as a singer, celebrities, or pretended to host a talk show with a hairbrush or shampoo bottle in front of a mirror. With a talk show, you can discuss topics you are passionate about and get guest input as well as add your own twist to them. Nowadays, talk shows go beyond ‘candid’ couch chats or interview-style discussions. How hosts engage their guests and audiences has become increasingly creative over the years. Carpool Karaoke and Hot Ones are two examples. Here’s what you need to know if you, too, want to start and grow your own talk show. Here are a few tips and tricks that will make you the perfect host of a live talk show.

Live Talk Show 101: A Sneak Peak Into 10 Tips For Making Your Talk Show The Talk Of The Town

There was a time when talk shows had controversial reputations and sensational subjects. The modern live talk show, on the other hand, is meant to dazzle and inspire action. There is meticulous planning and scripting behind every talk show. A conventional TV show depends heavily on the cost of production, the ratings of viewers, the time slot, the ads, and the news, among many other things. However, real-time internet broadcasting involves much less effort and costs than traditional broadcasting. If you wish to have another way to launch your product or share your thoughts and expertise with the world, read on to discover how to host a talk show like a professional.

How can you host a live talk show?

Here’s a quick guide to getting your talk show started. Next, we will discuss how to promote your talk show and grow your audience.

There are some basic live streaming setup options available for starting an internet talk show, but there are also some gear and planning necessary:

  • Smartphones – Great entry-level gear for streaming talk shows with just one host.
  • Camera with a tripod – The quality is improved and shaky frames are eliminated.
  • External microphone – Ensures high-quality audio and in-shot manoeuvring.
  • Extra source of lighting – Enhances the appearance of a stream in a dimly lit environment.
  • Engaging script – A series of episodes can’t be winged without any planning.
Live Streaming Equipment for live talk show

It is equally important to deliver content to the audience as it is to produce a talk show. You intend to get those views and send your show out into the world, so put your best foot forward. Multistreaming with Flutin Live allows you to stream your live talk show simultaneously on all your favourite social media channels.

Tips for growing a live talk show

There is a lot of work involved in starting a talk show. How can you create a compelling, engaging, and appealing show? You can grow your own live talk show fan base by following these tips.

1. Decide a theme for the show

Choose a topic you enjoy, one that you won’t be able to exhaust. Keep your niche and audience interests in mind when promoting a product. Identify engaging and shareable content.

2. Know your target audience

The most important thing you need to do when you are brainstorming the theme and the structure of your live talk show is to research the audience that you have and the audience you would like to attract. A few things will be determined by the data collected:

Target Audience for live talk show
  • Show time – Make sure your live stream fits into your audience’s schedule by choosing the best time slot.
  • Hosting style – This greatly depends on your potential viewers, especially in the case of a niche topic.
  • Subject matter – Engage your audience with topics that they are passionate about or are interested in.

3. Describe your show’s concept

An idea and a strategy are the foundation of any great talk show. Are you just going to talk, provide advice, and share your expertise? Is it going to be an interview or a discussion? Will you invite experts to have them share their insights? Would you consider hosting a talk show based on a particular issue? For instance, the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic and its impact on the world economy are currently being discussed on this TWiT live stream podcast on Twitch, among other topics.

4. Decide the subject matter

Your niche should be your focus, as we’ve discussed before. Remember that you are good at what you do, so come up with a list of entertaining topics. Organize your topics by creating a segment calendar. The next show’s preparation will be easier with a plan like this. Around the end of your segment, you can also give a sneak peek of the next episode.

5. Determine your hosting style

Smart hosting isn’t just about talking a lot. Consider inviting guests to a live talk show if you want to branch out. Inviting relevant industry professionals to discuss interesting topics is a great way to hold listeners’ attention and maximize ratings.

6. Plan and prepare the script in advance

Even though talk shows are most popular thanks to their spontaneity, it’s crucial that the presenter is prepared before going on air. You can also benefit greatly from an engaging introduction, questions about the topic at hand, and information on your guests’ personal and business lives. It is a good idea to practice with your guests in advance. If any adjustments need to be made, this will allow you to do so before the show’s airing.

7. Consider having a co-host

Your talk show’s viewers will have a better impression of your show if you have a co-host with more experience or talent. Look for a co-host by answering the following questions in your head: 

  • Will his/her personality go with yours?
  • What impression does your audience have of this person?
  • What level of expertise does he/she have on the subject matter?
  • Does your talk show concept or topic interest his/her audience?
  • Is he/she ready to put in the time and effort?

Approach people with a co-hosting suggestion based on the angle of your show. Make sure there is good chemistry and that you can communicate easily.

8. Select the right platform

Flutin live streaming platform

The choice of your live streaming platform can make or break your show. Even though there are leading social media networks like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, LinkedIn, etc., you don’t want to confine yourself to the benefits of a single platform. With Flutin, you can multistream to all the aforementioned channels and more and tap into their user bases for growth that knows no horizon.

9. Develop a schedule and follow it religiously

Establish a schedule and stick to it if you want to succeed. We recommend you buckle up and reap the rewards of sleeping through your nights and brainstorming coffee-bomb twists for your episodes. Watchers will plan their schedules around your talk show because they know when the next episode will air. Keep your talk show calendar visible at all times on top of your feed. For viewers who want to share this content with a friend, it will be an excellent choice.

10. Plan the promotions

Live talk show episodes with more effort and time are likely to see higher viewer numbers. Planning and making it happen will help you reach a wider audience, even if you don’t see results right away. Your upcoming episode should be promoted on all of your social media pages.

Create a separate page exclusively for your online talk show. You can organize previews for upcoming announcements based on your show schedule. Provide images with easy-to-read episode titles that are appealing to share. Ensure your promotion plan includes posts about upcoming show announcements on social media.

You can advertise your talk show on Facebook as well. Remind yourself to post the replays frequently; repurposing your material is just as crucial as running live. In addition to social media channels, think about promoting your show through regular connections to blogs and forums.

Become a talk show superstar with Flutin Live!

Flutin Live offers all the tools you would need to become a successful live talk show host. From multistreaming to reach a wider audience than imaginable to monetization methods to support your channel, video customization options, scheduled streaming, screen sharing with guests, and more – Flutin Live makes broadcasting more fun and effective. Start planning your talk show today with the above tips and enjoy streaming it via Flutin Live.

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