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Live stream in 1080p: Here’s how to offer your viewers the ultimate HD experience

With the advancement of technology, viewers today expect a comfortable and high definition live streaming viewing experience. This is the reason why 1080p is the most widely used resolution by streamers. To satisfy their audience, many streamers have started to stream in 1080p. This makes the audience feel like they’re watching the streamers right in front of them. After all, if you don’t give your viewers what they want and expect, you are sure to fall behind the game. Today, we will talk about everything you need to know about Flutin stream 1080p.

Live Stream In 1080p: Here’s How To Offer Your Viewers The Ultimate HD Experience

Let’s hop on the time travel train and journey back to a few decades ago when HD live streaming was only a distant dream. People were more than happy to watch videos in 240p. In fact, 360p seemed like a luxury during that time. However, stream 1080p and the evolution of HD live streaming has totally changed the game forever. And one of your goals at Flutin is to not only offer creators the best but also help them achieve the best. So, today we are going to take a look at how you can stream in 1080p using Flutin and everything there is to know about HD live streaming. 

What is meant by a 1080p resolution?

FHD (full high definition), commonly known as 1080p or Full HD, is the most common display resolution which involves 1920 x 1080 pixels – 1920 pixels displayed horizontally and 1080 pixels displayed vertically across the screen. The number of pixels on a display is determined by its width x height, and the more pixels there are, the sharper the image seems. The ‘p’ in 1080p stands for progressive scan.

Which resolution is better for live streaming: 720p or 1080p?

Web content is usually in HD or 720p resolution. This is so common that live streaming content on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, etc., is usually in 720p. A video of this resolution does not require a high level of upload speed, yet it still retains its crispness and detail. Therefore, 720p is your best option for streaming like a pro.

Taking a step further, a higher quality stream can be found at 1080p. A seamless broadcast of 1080p requires higher bitrates and faster upload speeds than 720p, which is why it is often considered an upgraded version. 

Due to the large amount of data consumption associated with 1080p streaming, many creators prefer 720p for a stable streaming experience, especially during live events. This is simply because a high resolution causes high-action footage to feel less fluid. 720p is the best choice here to keep the video from being choppy or pixelated. 

However, the resolution of 1080p is a good choice for those who seek the highest quality but do not want to go extreme with video resolution (like streaming in 4K). If your internet connection is reasonably stable, and the majority of your viewers also have access to fast internet, then you must stream in 1080p without any second thought.

What do you need to stream in 1080p?

The following requirements must be met for 1080p live streaming:

1. Speed of uploading

An internet connection with a decent upload speed is necessary for 1080p streaming. This should be at least 4Mbps. Moreover, if you want to offer a true 1080p HD experience to your audience, you need a solid 15 to 20 Mbps connection. The golden key for remarkable streaming experiences is a stable and fast internet connection.

2. Hardware

The hardware has to be capable of processing full HD videos in real-time. The computer or phone you use must be able to stream HD videos. Nowadays, just about any computer or mobile device can play or create 1080p videos. Furthermore, your camera must also support video recording in FHD mode.

How can you stream in 1080p with Flutin?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on streaming in 1080p with Flutin.

Step 1: Head over to Flutin

You must visit the Flutin website and login into your account. If you don’t have an account already, you need to sign up.

live stream in 1080p

Step 2: Create a new live event

Once you login successfully, you’ll be able to see a purple button named “+New Live Event” at the middle as well as the top right corner of the page. Create on the button to set up a new broadcast. You can choose to either go live instantly, schedule a live event for later or live stream a pre-recorded video.

Step 3: Enter relevant details

You then need to enter certain important details such as your event name and event description. After clicking on “Next”, you can select all the channels you want to multistream to and your preferred method of monetization. Once done, click on the “GO TO LIVE STUDIO” at the bottom.

Step 4: Change camera settings

On the next page, click on the settings icon. There you will find various options under video such as “Select Video Input”, “Select Video Quality”, and “Select Video FPS”. Under “Select Video Quality”, select 1080p. Now, you’re ready to hit the “Go Live Now” button.

Streaming in 1080p with Flutin is as easy as a walk in the park. Head over to our website and enjoy the benefits of FHD streaming from today!

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