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4 ways to effectively deal with spam comments during your live streams

If you are someone who enjoys hosting live streams occasionally, then you must not be new to the concept of spam comments. While sometimes these comments are good, other times they are just hurtful. But, spam comments are not a good part of a live broadcast. If you are tired of such comments, check out these 4 ways below to effectively tackle this issue.

4 Ways To Effectively Deal With Spam Comments During Your Live Streams

Live streams have kept the world connected and going during the never-ending pandemic. Hosting live broadcast events can be a phenomenal way to boost your online presence. However, there are certain dark sides to it. There are many haters, trolls, and cyberbullies who are going to spoil your show with spam comments. This issue is faced by not only beginners but established streamers as well. 

What are spam comments?

Do you get spam emails? Those useless mails do nothing but clutter your inbox and waste your time. This definition fits spam comments as well. There are certain types of people who take pleasure in disturbing a smooth flowing stream and flood your comment section with unnecessary messages. These messages often carry negative connotations and are offensive too. 

Why should you take care of such spam comments?

Now, you must be wondering whether it’s best to leave such people alone and ignore their flood of messages. After all, they shouldn’t be given the attention that they don’t deserve. Right? 

Well, that is not the ideal approach. Imagine a party where everyone is having fun but a few people get in, say all negative and insulting things. Wouldn’t that ruin the vibe or the positive atmosphere? That’s exactly the case with live streams as well. When the chat section is filled with positive comments, everyone involved has a good time. Besides, such nonsensical messages can also make genuine comments disappear. Sometimes, people like to instigate trouble by saying controversial things. And when that happens, your live stream becomes everyone’s  bad memory and, ultimately, impacts your image as well. This is why you must actively deal with spam comments.

How to deal with spam comments effectively?

Spam comments are inevitable since there is no way of knowing who can cause trouble during your live stream beforehand. We have gathered four ways below which can help you deal with such behaviour effectively.

1. Build your team of moderators

Moderators can Moderate spam comments

If you are a live streamer who is looking to deal with spam comments, then our very first suggestion would be to build and grow your team of moderators. Moderators are people whom you can pick to control the comment section, share your important links, remove troublesome comments, keep trolls away, etc. In a nutshell, moderators act as administrators of your live streams. This can become too much for a single person to handle, especially if your streams draw in thousands of users. This is why it’s better to have a considerably large moderator team size depending on your streams.

2. Use the power of keyword blocking

Keyword Blocking

If you do not have a team of moderators, you still can block spam comments. This can be done with the help of a feature called keyword blocking. You would be required to visit your chosen live streaming platform and mark all those words which you feel are worthy of being categorized as spam messages. So, if anyone comments on any of these marked words, the message will be automatically marked as spam and will make your job of filtering out spam comments much easier. This can also be done by streamers who have a team of moderators as a backup plan, in case the moderators miss something.

For instance, if you’re streaming on YouTube, you can use this feature to block certain words of your choice. All you need to do is go to the YouTube Studio, then settings and select ‘Community’ from the drop down menu. On scrolling down, you will see a section named ‘Blocked Words’ where you can add the words that you don’t want to see in the comment section. 

3. Use the feature of holding a comment

Just like keyword blocking, holding a comment is also an effective weapon to wield against spammers. This is commonly done by streamers on Facebook. For instance, if you come across comments that do not seem right to you, you can have those comments put on hold and sent to a Facebook Page Admin for moderation. After the approval of the moderator or the admin, the comment is then displayed publicly. Otherwise, it gets deleted.

4. Have your comments appear in slow mode

Slow Mode

Many social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc., allow comments to be displayed in slow mode. You can choose a time interval between two messages. This also means that your viewers will be able to send the next message, after their first, after a certain time interval (pre-decided by you) has passed. This will not only help avoid spams but also enable your moderators to moderate your chat more effectively.

Now that you know how to deal with spam comments, what are you waiting for? Head over to Flutin to enjoy the world of live streaming without letting haters or trolls ruin your events.