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Guidelines to create a successful LinkedIn live Session

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking website which is used to connect, share and learn. LinkedIn has recently launched its infamous LinkedIn live feature to host live events, stream your live videos and create live shows.

LinkedIn live

This feature has been developed with the motive of engaging more and more audiences. LinkedIn live is a brand new feature and most streamers don’t know about LinkedIn being a live streaming platform. This guide will be laying out some specific guidelines for you to host and create a successful LinkedIn live stream.

Creating a successful Linkedin live

LinkedIn live

1. Do not go live more than once a day

Official Guideline : “Since a big portion of your followership may get a notification when you go live, multiple streams per day risk overwhelming your audience.”

LinkedIn is very different from other streaming platforms. While other platforms will encourage you to go live as many times as you can, LinkedIn does not appreciate this. LinkedIn audience prefers “quality over quantity”. So create an engaging, high quality live stream which could attract more and more audience

2. Go live within the first 60 days of access

Official Guideline : “In the early stages of this product, it’s imperative that members and organizations begin using it once they have access so that we can continue to refine the product.”

As soon as you get LinkedIn live access, you should decide to go live. Be consistent in the starting days so that people can notice your efforts. Make sure to prepare a few live stream ideas and scripts while you are waiting to get accepted. In case if you aren’t able to go live in the first 60 days of access, you may lose your ownership and will have to reapply. So, remain consistent when it comes to LinkedIn live.

3. Do not use pre-recorded content

Official Guideline : “All streams should be happening in real time, or you risk confusing members and betraying their trust.”

LinkedIn does not appreciate using pre-recorded content for live streaming. Your audiences expect you to come live every time and communicate with them. This will enable you to connect with your audiences. But at times, it may get difficult for you to go live in certain situations. You may have fallen sick or you may be exhausted too much to go live. In such unavoidable situations, use Flutin to upload your pre recorded video instead of going live. Remember to avoid using pre-recorded videos unless the situation is crucial.

4. No selling or overly promotional streams

Official Guideline : “Don’t sell or promote in your stream.”

This is one of the most important things to remember while going live on LinkedIn, do not sell every time. Make sure to appreciate your audiences’ time and value their attendance. Use the 80-20 ratio, 80% of the time should be used to engage your audience and 20% should be used to promote your product. Try to limit selling and promotion or else your live stream will look like a TV commercial which will be ignored by the audience.

5. Avoid large sponsorship logos

Official Guideline : “If you want to run sponsor graphics, please avoid dominating the screen.”

If you have been sponsored by anyone, keep in mind to use small videos and graphics for sponsors. Do not overly cover your live stream screen.

6. No long “starting soon” screens

Official Guideline : “Don’t keep your audience waiting for more than one to two minutes.”

Your live video should start at the scheduled time itself. You can use a countdown timer to build anticipation but do not keep your audience waiting for a longer period of time. This could frustrate your viewers and they might leave your live show. So remember, when it is time to go live – GO LIVE!

7. Stream for longer than 10 mins

Official Guideline : “Streams shorter than 10-15 minutes don’t allow your audience enough time to grow and interact.”

LinkedIn is looking for content which is time-consuming and has value. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn wants you to create videos which are not less than 10 mins. This will keep your audiences more engaged. If you are fully prepared and have a pre-decided script with you, then 10 mins will be easy to cover. Also if you invite guests, your live stream can exceed 30-40 mins.

8. Avoid unprofessional streams

Official Guideline : “All Live content is publicly visible and should be appropriate for the LinkedIn audience.”

LinkedIn is a very professional platform and people with different business backgrounds use this platform. Make sure you behave appropriately as if you are meeting them in real life. Use formal language and decent words so your viewers can be impressed.

9. Avoid meta streams

Official Guideline : Please don’t talk about how to use LinkedIn on LinkedIn.”

Remember to not explain how to use LinkedIn on LinkedIn live. Even if you are sharing some tips regarding LinkedIn live, make sure to not share pre-known information about LinkedIn.


In short, the 9 guidelines for a successful LinkedIn live are :

  1. Do not go live more than once a day
  2. Go live within the first 60 days of access
  3. Do not use pre-recorded content
  4. No selling or overly promotional streams
  5. Avoid large sponsorship logos
  6. No long “starting soon” screens
  7. Stream for longer than 10 minutes
  8. Avoid unprofessional streams
  9. Avoid meta streams

By, following these guidelines you will surely be able to create a successful LinkedIn live stream and make the best of your time. Do not forget to multistream your live stream show using FLUTIN to attract the maximum audience.

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