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Relation Between Music Taste and Personality

Why certain songs appeal to you more than the others

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you are defending your favourite song? When someone says something negative about your favourite tune, you feel like sewing their mouths shut, right? Or, when you find someone with the same musical taste as yours, you immediately think ‘Wow! This person might be as cool as me!”. Are we wrong?

We know we aren’t. And we also know the reason behind such strong emotions. Music and psychology are like two sides of a coin – one is indicative of the other. The relation between music and personality might not be in-your-face obvious, but one tells a lot about the other. Your taste in music is an integral part of your identity and it says a lot about your personality. 

What does your music taste say about your personality

Research conducted by various scientists over the years has proved that your musical preferences can speak volumes about your personality. They claim that the reason you always jump to defend your favourite track might be because it resembles your attitudes and your character trait a lot. It’s a fact that people still tend to find themselves in the music they listen to and use it as a means to connect with others. 

Your musical preferences may change depending upon your mood and circumstances. But, as a general rule of thumb, the following are some of the personality traits that have been linked to specific musical genres. 

Pop music – People who are more into the latest pop hits and connect more with pop music are deemed to be extroverts. They are also believed, to be honest, and conventional human beings who work hard and have high self-esteem. So, go crazy over Camilla Cabello all you want. However, the study claims that they might be less creative and more uneasy than others. 

Hip hop music – Rappers often come across as aggressive and violent artists. Hence, their fans are deemed to be the same as well. But, in reality, that’s not always the case. Followers of rap music are perceived as fun-loving and outgoing people with high self-esteem. So, the next time you hesitate listening to Eminem or Ice Cube, turn the volume up and blast your speakers with pride. 

Country music – Do you love listening to songs like Jolene from Dolly Parton? Well, you should embrace them with all your hate. Even though most country music is centered around heartbreak, country music fans are said to be very emotionally stable and conservative. 

Indie music – Nothing compares to the raw emotions and touching tales of indie music, right? If you’re such a person, then the chances are that you are an intellectual and creative introvert. 

Dance music – Are you one of the ones who love to turn on music like Get Lucky no matter what happens in life? Well, congratulations. You are a fan of dance music. And the chances are that you are a highly adventurous person who is open to new experiences. 

Music can give you a clear picture of someone’s personality. So, the next time you go on a blind date and want to know more about your date, try taking a sneak peek at their Flutin playlists. 

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