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A guide to the basic must-have streaming equipment for a smooth live streaming experience

Having the right streaming equipment is as important as choosing the right content and action plan. You wouldn’t find a single successful live streamer without a proper live streaming setup. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend a fortune to set it all up. You can only focus on budget streaming equipment and get the essentials right first. Here is a list of the top streaming equipment that you must have for broadcasting successful online events.

Basic Must-Have Streaming Equipment For A Smooth Live Streaming Experience

What do you think about when you hear the term “live streaming” or “online events”? A massive number of viewers and hours of uninterrupted fun, right? Well, for it to be precisely that, you need to get the most important part right – an ideal live streaming setup. Get your streaming equipment right and all you have to worry about then is plan your content and you’re good to go. So, here’s a list of the must-have essential top streaming equipment to turn all your broadcasts into a significant success. 

1. Computer

Computer for live streaming

Coming down to the absolute basics, you cannot live stream without a computing device. Now, it’s up to you whether you want to go with a desktop or a laptop. If you live streaming on the go or in a dynamic environment, then a laptop is recommended. Either way, an 8 GB RAM (4 GB at the very least), an SSD drive and a minimum of two USB ports are preferable when it comes to live streaming. 

2. Camera

High definition camera is a must for streaming

While recording using your smartphone or laptop camera may seem fine to you, you have to remember that viewers these days prefer high-quality video. Hence, we would recommend you to invest in a good enough camera that produces good quality results. 

3. Microphone

microphone is a must have streaming equipment

A good microphone is one of the most crucial parts of a live streaming setup. Just as you need a good camera for quality video, you need a good microphone for quality audio as well. And the good news is that microphones, even the good ones, do not cost much. Depending on your need, you can get a USB or an XLR microphone. 

4. High Speed & Reliable Internet Connection

High internet connectivity is a must

What’s the use of all other equipment if you can’t go online or stay online? The first thing that you must ensure is an internet connection that’s fast but reliable. No, don’t connect to your existing in-house connection, which everybody else uses, even if it’s really fast. We recommend you to get a separate connection just for streaming purposes. 

5. Audio Mixers/Interfaces

audio mixer

If you want to use multiple microphones or stream with other people, you need an audio mixer to ensure that the audio is at the same level of clarity and soundness. Audio interfaces, on the other hand, are best for recording songs, podcasts, etc. However, don’t sweat – this equipment is effortless to use. 

6. Encoder


Why do you need an encoder? Well, to put it simply, an encoder is going to turn your final draft of audio and video content into an internet-compatible language for it to display your live stream. Based on your needs and budget, you can either go for a software encoder or a hardware one. 

7. Streaming Accessories

live streaming accessories

These involve all the other elements that we may have missed above but are very important as well. Accessories such as cables, tripods, batteries, stands, lights and many more are often neglected by people but turn out crucial aspects of getting it all right. 

Let’s face it, and without the right audio and video, your viewers are not going to be interested in your stream. It takes money to earn money, and once you set up your ideal streaming system, your experience, as well as the figures, are going to be all worth it!

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