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Online Performance vs Onstage Performance: How Live Streaming Platforms Are Changing The Game

The outbreak of the pandemic has undoubtedly made an artist transition from live stage performance to online performance. While onstage performance indeed had its benefits, online concerts are evolving as an excellent alternative. Today, we are taking a look at both sides of the coin and how online performance keeps the show going. 

Onstage Performance vs Online Performance

Ever since the pandemic has struck the world, the “onstage performance vs online performance” debate has ensued in the music industry. Do online concerts have the same impact and produce the same revenue as offline shows? Is live performance worth considering? We are sure you have many questions on your mind, especially if you are an emerging artist. Ergo, we have tried to answer all of your questions in the segments below. 

Live stage performance vs Online performance: Which is better? 

Live stage performance vs Online performance

Here is the million-dollar question that everyone wants the answer to. But, the truth is, both have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages for audiences and artists alike. While offline performances sure have their charm and create an atmosphere that is hard to replicate virtually (not to mention that fans get to see their favorite artists perform literally in front of them). Online platforms can generate similar revenue figures for artists and, at the same time, save audiences’ extra time and money. 

How online concerts are helping emerging artists amplify their music

Live streaming of musical events and concerts have always been around. The pandemic has just made online performances grab the spotlight completely. While it suffers from certain drawbacks, the benefits greatly outweigh them, especially for emerging artists. It gives them the flexibility to publish their content anytime, anywhere and helps them interact with their audiences in a more personal and inclusive way. Besides, live streaming opens endless doors for aspiring artists to reach a global audience inexpensively. Established artists are also benefiting from online concerts since their fans enjoy the show from a front-row perspective regardless of where they are in the world. 

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The future of music consumption

Let’s take a look at some facts first. Ever since the pandemic began, the number of viewers watching live streams of musical performances and concerts has peaked across platforms like YouTube, Twitch and Instagram. From John Legend and Coldplay’s Chris Martin to Taylor Swift and Shawn Mendes, artists worldwide have realized the true potential of online concerts and have, thus, joined in on the bandwagon. 

With consumers expected to have access to a faster internet connection in the days to come, it’s safe to say that online performances will retain an equal (if not higher) status. Besides, everyone loves a convenient solution and online concerts offer a convenience level that wasn’t brought to the table by onstage performances. After all, who wouldn’t love to watch their favorite artists perform live in the comfort of their homes? 

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If you are an aspiring artist considering performing live, we suggest you go for it. The world will take a long time to go back to the way it was – a time long enough for audiences to get used to the new form of living. So, why miss out on this experience?

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