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How to promote your flutin live event

A Detailed Guide On How To Effectively Promote Your Flutin Live Event [Updated 2021]

In the world of live streaming video, success comes with meticulous planning and smart strategies. Apart from creating engaging content and mastering the right techniques of event scheduling, you must promote your Flutin Live event thoroughly to reap the benefits of live stream monetization. Today, we are going to tell you how to effectively promote your flutin live event. 

A Detailed Guide On How To Effectively Promote Your Flutin Live Event

We have talked about how to create your Flutin Live profile, set up your Flutin Live event, carry out accurate event scheduling and monetize live stream. However, there still remains another major aspect of live streaming video that needs your attention – promoting your Flutin Live event. Without strategic promotion, you will lose out on a large chunk of viewers and without viewers, your monetization efforts will be fruitless. But, we are not going to let that happen. Let’s dive deep into how you can successfully promote your live stream video. 

1. Create an Attractive Event Description

Live stream event description

Well, we have talked about this before but it’s the crucial first step towards attracting new viewers and retaining the existing ones. Come up with an event description, event tags and choose a picture that raises excitement and curiosity in your viewers’ minds and leads them to inevitably attend your live event.

2. Publish Your Event On Flutin Live

publish your live event on social media facebook, whatsapp

Make sure to turn on the notifications in the “COMMUNICATION” section to allow Flutin Live to send your subscribers notifications and reminders about your upcoming event. And once you are done with everything, DO NOT forget to publish your event on the platform. After all the hard work, the worst thing you can do is keep your event saved as draft and forget to publish it.

3. Share Your Scheduled Event EVERYWHERE

share your scheduled event everywhere flutin live event

Once your event is scheduled and published, you need to put on your marketing cap and go crazy in sharing your live event anywhere you can. On the “MY EVENTS” section of the dashboard on Flutin Live, you will find a “SHARE” button at the bottom of your scheduled event slab. Click on this button to share the link on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and all your other social media channels to tap into each platform’s vast reach. 

4. Ask For Support From Your Friends & Family

ask support from your family members and friends to promote your online concert.

Apart from promoting the event yourself, you can always your friends, family members, colleagues and other people you know to share the link on all their social media channels. The more your event is shared, the more viewers you will be able to draw in.

5. Post Short Videos & Stories On Social Media Platforms

post short video on insta to appeal about your upcoming virtual event

Once your event is published and the link is shared, you cannot just forget about it. If you do, then your viewers will too. A great strategy is to keep uploading short videos and stories on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to keep building the suspense and excitement around your live event. And if the SWIPE UP LINK feature is available on your Instagram stories, put the event link there to direct the interested people to your event page.

So, these were some of the sureshot ways of promoting your live-stream event and attracting a huge number of viewers. Don’t forget to implement these strategies while scheduling your Flutin Live event to reap the maximum benefits. We wish you all the best for your streaming career!

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