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The stepping stones of how to gain Twitch followers & build a strong presence on he biggest streaming platform

There’s a reason the Twitch platform is synonymous with a streamer’s dream place to be. As a result of holding the record for the world’s largest live stream audience (with over 15 million daily users), over 350 billion minutes of content are watched everyday on the Twitch streaming platform. At the same time, there are around 2-3 million streamers on Twitch every month. So, how do you gain Twitch followers and attract people to your channel as opposed to millions of others out there? We have the strategies laid down for you. 

The Stepping Stones Of How To Gain Twitch Followers & Build A Strong Presence On The Biggest Streaming Platform

Twitch platform is undoubtedly the biggest and most popular streaming platform in the world. However, this fact becomes overwhelming for streamers, especially beginners. With millions of streamers present on the Twitch streaming platform, growing your channel becomes a mammoth task. But, it’s not impossible. In fact, it’s actually far from impossible. The right plan of action can take your channel’s popularity through the roof. Below are the proven strategies on how to gain Twitch followers and build your channel like no other. 

1. A Striking Twitch Profile

The very first task is setting up a unique Twitch profile that grabs people’s attention. Before they even get to know your content and find out your personal talents, your profile is going to do the talking for you. The littlest of details can change a viewer’s opinion. Ergo, you need to invest considerable time and money (if need be) if you wish to become a professional streamer and want to increase Twitch Followers. Here are a few tips to create a striking Twitch profile:

Profile setup on Twitch Streaming followers
  • The first thing people would notice is your logo. Pull out your smart and creative guns while designing a logo that pops right off the bat. 
  • Design a cover image/banner that is consistent with the theme of your logo and build your own style around it. 
  • Don’t turn your bio into an essay. Keep it crisp and precise. Write things about yourself that sets you apart from others. 
  • Remember to add an attractive offline image for people to see when they visit your profile. 

2. A Distinctive Channel Design

When you are done creating your Twitch channel, you will be given access to several layout designs for your stream. But, if you want to stand out from the crowd and attract people right away, you need to step up your game. That’s possible by graphically designing or photoshopping a stunning layout yourself (if you are well versed with the software and the techniques). If you know nothing about graphic designs, then we recommend going out on a limb and getting it done by a professional designer. Remember that it would be a one time investment and the returns would exceed every penny you spend. 

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3. Top Notch Streaming Setup

Cheaping out on streaming equipment is the worst mistake a streamer can make. This is not the place where you look to save some money. Viewers these days are immediately drawn to streams that are high in quality. And high quality streams are a result of high-quality equipment. That being said, you don’t need a whole range of high end equipment, especially the ones you don’t know how to operate. Getting the basics right is all you need to do to kick it off. 

Twitch followers streaming set up

To begin with, a good camera and microphone are essential prerequisites of a good streaming experience. But, none of that will be useful if you don’t have a proper computer or laptop to stream. Besides these, there are some other basic requirements like proper lighting, headphones or earphones and, most importantly, a fast and stable internet connection. 

4. Carving A Niche

Deciding what to offer to people is what comes next. Having a structured form of content is what helps people remember you. Choose the right categories and tags to help people find you easily. Twitch is most famous for gaming streams. However, there are other kinds of streamers as well. Create your content around something you’re good at or confident about and do not follow the crowd. Your authenticity is what will set you apart from millions of other streamers. 

5. Defining Goals

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When all the above are done, don’t be in a hurry to jump in blindly. Take some time to define the goals you want to achieve with your streams. Keep in mind that these goals should be achievable and rational. Aiming to gain 10k Twitch followers overnight is as ridiculous as it is impossible. Set your target achievements and break them down into smaller strides to take to achieve the end goal. You can categorize these goals in numerous ways like long term and short term, easy and difficult, general and specific, and so on. For example, a short term goal for a beginner could be to achieve 100 followers and a long term goal could be to collaborate with one established and famous streamer. 

6. A Consistent Streaming Schedule

Starting to stream whenever you feel like it and catching your viewers off guard will do you more harm than good. Instead, create a regular schedule and stick to it to help viewers know when to find you. When it comes to streaming, you must remember that consistency is the secret ingredient for the recipe of success. When viewers know when to expect your broadcasts, they can build their schedules around yours and this, in itself, makes you more appealing to them. 

7. Audience Interaction 

Audience interaction on social media live streaming

When viewers are made to feel involved in the streams, they are more likely to subscribe to you and keep coming back for more. There are numerous ways you can interact with your audience. For instance, you can take their requests, hold Q&A sessions and answer their questions or address and reply to the comments they leave in the chat. 

Twitch is a remarkable place to begin your career as a streamer and the statistics say it all. Once you’ve created your Twitch channel, you can also stream to multiple platforms along with it at the same time via Flutin and enjoy the benefits that each platform has to offer.