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Multistream and Monetise Your Online Events
Schedule, multistream and monetise your online events across multiple social media profiles.
Most preferred event streaming platform by thousands of content creators, performers, and corporate professionals across the globe.
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Event Multi-Streaming

With Flutin Live, you get to stream your online events to all the major social media sites. So you're basically here, there, everywhere at the same time.

  • Connect multiple social media profiles to stream your events
  • Enjoy a greater number of viewers from all the connected profiles
  • Interact with commenters from all profiles at a single place

Be event ready

Event Scheduling

With Flutin Live you can schedule online live events and promote to your social media profiles for free.

  • Create and schedule an event to stream at a later time
  • Share event link to invite others to attend the event

Encash Your Talent

Generate Earnings

Flutin Live features multiple options to enable you to monetise your online events.

  • Sell tickets to your online events
  • Accept paid requests from viewers during events
  • Enjoy monetary rewards in the form of virtual gifts

Mobile browser support

Simply log in to Flutin Live on your mobile or desktop browser and stream online events like a cakewalk.

Sukhbir Singh

pop singer, musician, performer

Flutin has simplified the process involved in event multi-streaming

I’m truly hopeful countless creators will benefit greatly from Flutin Live and will be able to realise their potential.

Shagun Raizada

food blogger and influencer

User friendly interface made it very convenient to follow the process.

Multi Streaming live sessions is a great concept and eases life of influencers a lot!

Roopsi Narang

singer and performer

I found Flutin Live extremely useful to ensure a greater viewer count.

Highly recommended for artists and content creators interested in monetising their online events.


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