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Flutin is the best way to monetize and multistream your real time and pre recorded video live streams to streaming destinations like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin and other platforms..

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Products and solutions to help you throughout your LIVE streaming journey

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Create virtual events and stream them to multiple social media profiles, simultaneously.

Live multistreaming

Customise branding

Invite guests

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Promote your live events on social media and create hype before the event.

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Boost interactivity

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Sell tickets, get virtual gifts and shoutout requests from your audience.

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Schedule and stream all types of content professionally on multiple platforms

Whether your profession/interest lies with music, dance, comedy, business, fitness, or any other niche in the world, Flutin presents an extensive collection of tools for your live streams.

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100K+ Live Streaming Platform Users

Including creators, performers, and business professionals make the most out of Flutin by streaming on 30+ platforms and assessing Live Webpage for themselves.

Promote your brand

Enhance the social media presence of your brand and reach larger potential customers with live content. You can use Flutin to host live product exhibits, service tutorials, and much more to grab all the relevant eyeballs.
Brands use case for live streaming

Showcase your art

No matter the category of your art, Flutin is equipped to cater to all your live Isteram requirements with ease. Whether you wish to host ticketed events, virtual concerts, stream music in live, build public live webpage or just an interactive chat session with your fans.
Musicians use case for live streaming

Game On

Flaunt your gaming skills to inspire gaming enthusiasts across the world by live streaming your game. With pass through, Flutin offers a seamless game live streaming experience as there’s no upper cap on bitrate. So, go ahead and live stream your games like a pro!
Gaming use case live streaming

Inspire Success

Bring about a change by hosting live sessions and motivating people to excel in various aspects of life. Flutin offers you the virtual space and features that you need to host professional live sessions to inspire growth and success.
Life coaches use case for live streaming

Put on a show

Flutin Live is here to help you make a flawless performance and assist you in multistreaming your live shows on various social media platforms without any demographic barriers. With Flutin Live you can monetize your live, stream music in live , create public live webpage and much more.
Multiple streaming use cases
Howard review

Howard Olsen

Flutin is dead simple to use with a very intuitive UI. I was up and running in less than 10 minutes, not just streaming out but pulling a Zoom RTMP feed into it. Super Simple. I LIKE that!

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Forrowelt Review

Forrówelt G

Extremely easy to use. I am really not a tech guy, and almost anything isself-explanatory. If still a problem comes up, customer support is quick in helping and very friendly. The integrations work really well and are streamed beautifully to all platforms I need.

G2 Review
Laura Review

Laura G

Simple to configure and use. You can easily broadcast live on different social networks. I like the option to schedule pre-recorded videos for broadcast bychoosing a date and time.

Capterra Review
Anchal review

Anchal Ranjan

Probably the best in the market in order to showcase one's talent by connecting multiple social media profiles and saving streaming time in the world where people don't have time.

G2 Review
Flutin Sub-accounts

Share your streaming space using sub-accounts

Extend sub-accounts to your clients, subordinates or colleagues so they can connect their own channels and collaborate with each other or Isteram independently.

Have multiple bands stream their shows using sub-accounts

Manage your education institute by adding multiple teachers

Step up your fitness business with multiple trainers

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