About us
About us

Flutin connects creators with their relevant audiences

Flutin platform is an ecosystem enabling content creators to create, promote, and monetise their content and bringing it to their relevant audiences.

Our products

Flutin empowers creators and audience

Flutin keeps scaling to various technologies and products to make sure that content creators have best ways to create and promote their content to most relevant audience.

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Flutin for Creators

Flutin features event and music streaming solutions and a set of advanced tools to empower creators and help them get discovered by their relevant audiences.

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Flutin for Audiences

Flutin makes available uninterrupted live entertainment in the form of free unlimited music and event streaming through Flutin Music App and Flutin Live.

Story of Flutin

Vishu and Prankush met during their first job at a mobile app development agency back in 2012. While Vishu was responsible for business management, Prankush took care of development of projects.

Their commitment and passion towards technology and innovation gave them a lot of knowledge and experience that resulted in many great apps that they developed for their clients.

While working together on different projects, they shared their passion for music. After realising the difficulties musicians were facing to reach their relevant audiences and identifying the potential solutions, they started Flutin in 2015.

After a few years of learning and identifying ways to promote musicians, Flutin has now evolved into a platform that is providing tools to all types of creators to grow by creating, distributing and monetising their content.

During the last few years, the amazing team of Flutin has been able to create great products that have been solving many problems in the content industry.

CEO Vishu Gupta

Vishu Gupta

9 years exp. in product and business Management strategic marketing, growth hacking, UX and Designing

CTO Prankush Roopanwal

Prankush Roopanwal CTO

10 years exp in Software dev. and project management with complex algorithms and infrastructures

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