How music influences our lifestyle, thought process and values 

Ever since music was first created, it has been an integral part of everyone’s lives. People connect to music more than they realize. People listen to music when they are sad either to lift up their spirits or find assurance and comfort in the tunes. They also listen to music while driving to work, eating at a restaurant, partying, exercising, studying, and in so many other situations. Hence, music is a crucial part of our life experiences. And it is because of this level of connection that music has the power to make us who we are. 


Music can touch people deeply without being tangible. They can inspire people, make people happy or sad, get people to dance or move them to tears. Such is the power of music to influence its listeners. And over the years, music has strongly impacted different aspects of societal behaviour. 

Influence on culture

If you think about it, you can see the blueprint of a generation in the music at that time. The most appropriate example that comes to mind is the song ”#SELFIE” by the band Chainsmokers. It accurately pinpoints the current cultural trend of social media in our day. 

In simpler words, music has always been representative of a culture. Think about the songs that your parents used to love and listen to. You’d probably find it lame and out of fashion. Similarly, what we find cool today may be dismissed as lame in the future by our kids. Such is the power of music to influence people’s minds. That being said, musicians have a great responsibility here – the responsibility of creating and cultivating cultures through their music that they want future generations to embrace. 

Influence on morals

Music plays a vital role in communicating what is right and what is wrong. There have been numerous songs in the past to raise people’s concerns over serious issues like racism, gender equality, political corruption, environmental deterioration, etc. One song that comes to mind is Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song”. Through this song, Michael Jackson tries to make people aware of deforestation, war sentiments, the climate changes, and the world coming to an end. Many other similar songs have moved people and celebrities to act up against such ill doings. Music indeed does have the power to empower the hearts and minds of people. 

Influence on emotions

This is probably the most distinct and relatable impact that music has on people and society. Music can make people feel a certain way. They have the power to instantly change the mood and atmosphere. And humans are emotional beings. They behave the way they feel. Listening to a happy song can make you feel happy. Listening to patriotic songs can awaken your love for your country. Listening to a dance number can have you swaying in your seat. Listening to motivational music while working out can boost your routine. Such is the hold of music on people’s emotions. 

Thus, music has the power to influence personality in all aspects. Music touches people in a way that words never could. But, there are responsibilities on both sides – musicians must be aware of what they are creating as they have the power to influence the world and listeners must be aware of what they are listening to and whether it evokes correct emotions.

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