It is no longer necessary to book expensive flights and deal with complicated schedules. Today, guests can join anyone’s live broadcast from anywhere, at any time. Your livestream can be enhanced by adding insight and expertise from a guest speaker. Thanks to new live streaming interview solutions being introduced on the market everyday, it is becoming more popular than ever. However, a guest interview must be conducted professionally and smoothly in order to keep the audience as well as the guest engaged and entertained. Here are 9 live streaming tips for successful guest interview sessions.

Live Streaming A Guest Interview: 9 Live Streaming Tips To Conduct An Awesome Session Like A Pro

As more and more creators take advantage of a global platform through live streaming and grow their following, live streaming interview sessions are becoming more prevalent. Yet, most of the time, the guest interview leaves one cringing on behalf of both the interviewer and the guest. There are times when the host is overbearing or too self-centered. There may also be awkward silences. And sometimes the interview is all over the place.

How can you bypass these awkward situations and put up a quality show?

Here are a few live streaming tips that will help you conduct flawless guest interview sessions during a live broadcast. 

1. Conduct thorough research about your guest

Do some groundwork before asking a guest to appear for a live interview. The objective of the interview is to provide your audience with more information about the life and work of the guest, but you need to have a deep knowledge of the person to be able to ask questions that provoke thought. In fact, effective background research is critical to asking the right questions at the right time. 

Prepare your questions by talking to your guest prior to the interview. It can also be helpful to watch previous interviews of your guest to learn some interesting trivia.

2. Keep your guest in the loop

In order for your live interview to be successful, you need to keep your guest informed. The same applies in terms of the questions and statements you make. Guests should be given a run-through of the show beforehand. Consequently, they will be able to anticipate the format of the show and be more comfortable and natural.

For instance, they must know to expect the Q&A session or whether you are going to invite another guest on the show. It isn’t a good idea to surprise them during the show. Therefore, make sure your guests are aware of the flow of the session well in advance.

3. Select the proper streaming platform

There are numerous platforms to choose from. While platforms like YouTube and Twitch emerge as the most popular ones, it would be wise to stray away from the crowd and select the most beneficial route. And that route is Flutin .

interviewing guest for live streaming

With Flutin, you can multistream, in FHD, to all the mega streaming platforms simultaneously and expand your reach by manifolds. There are other incredible features to make your show a guaranteed success like live stream monetization, RTMP streaming, live stream customizations, and many more. All you need to do is login to your Flutin account, create a new live event, fill in necessary details and, before pressing on the “Go Live” button, tap on the button at the bottom right to invite your guest.

4. Be ready with the questions in advance

Preparation is crucial, as previously stated. There is no such thing as an unprepared interview. Once you and your guest have discussed the basics off the record, prepare a list of questions to ask. Make certain you prepare relevant questions to avoid veering off into unrelated topics. Consider starting with a few icebreaker questions instead of going straight to the point – unless you have limited time. 

5. Let your guests know of the questions

Preparing for an interview is crucial for not only the host but also the guest. When faced with specific questions that they were not anticipating, even great speakers can find themselves in awkward situations. Therefore, you should always let your guest know what questions to expect in advance so that they can be better prepared. Having a well-informed guest will guarantee smart answers and a smooth discussion that would ultimately drive your viewership count.

6. Promote, promote, promote

Split screen live streaming

Make your announcement on social media or in a video teaser as soon as your guest is confirmed. Send out email blasts announcing your interview too. This is meant for hyping up your followers and target audience and notifying them of the date and time of the interview. Schedule this as far in advance as possible. Share the link, with an interesting image or video, with your guest and request them to share it on their channels for increased viewership.

7. Stream with headphones

To get the most out of your broadcasts, you’ll need headphones. Though a common tip, its importance cannot be stressed enough. Using headphones can help you listen better while also preventing external noise from interfering with the live stream quality. The same goes for your guest as well.

8. Conduct a trial run with your guest

You don’t want awkward moments during your stream when people would be watching you and your guest getting your audio right. Have you ever seen talk shows on TV checking their mic and camera angles after the show begins airing? The answer is an obvious no. So, it’s always best to test everything before the stream airs. Flutin allows you to do this 15 minutes prior to the stream going live for the viewers to come in.

9. Be focused and show your enthusiasm

Don’t go off into your own dreamland after asking the guest a question. Instead, be aware and interested during the interview to keep it on course. Also, resist the impulse to talk over the guest when they are speaking. It’s not only inconvenient, but it also appears rude. However, you can bring your visitor back on track if they stray too far from the topic. While digression is unavoidable, it may be minimised by making sure your questions are interesting, concise, and direct.

These were some golden tips for hosting engaging guest interview streams. Head over to Flutin and try these tips out yourself to be amazed.

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