The Jonas Brothers need no introduction. The terrific trio of Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas ruled the 2000s era. While they went their separate ways after huge disagreements in 2013, fans couldn’t cheer louder at the news of their getting back together in 2019. Since then, the brothers have not only released new songs but also slayed their performances on stages like the Billboard Music Awards. Let’s take a look at the 7 best Jonas Brothers songs of all time. 

The 7 Best Jonas Brothers Songs That Makes Our Inner Hardcore Fans Scream

Ever since the Jonas Brothers got back together in 2019, the brothers have cheered us up with one good news after another. Recently, it was announced that Nick Jonas would be hosting the upcoming Billboard Music Awards on 23rd May 2021. But, that’s not the only thing that has fans losing their calm over the internet. In a recent interview, it was hinted that he might jump up on stage with his brothers Joe and Kevin Jonas as part of his many surprises that he has planned for the big night. 

Yes, we know how you’re feeling. Another rocking Billboard performance by our favourite group of brothers! While we hold our breath for this year’s Billboard Awards, here are the 7 best Jonas Brothers songs to groove to. 

1. Sucker

sucker song jonas brothers songs

Sucker will forever be a special song for the fans and the brothers alike. This song not only symbolises the reunion of the brothers but it’s also their first ever song to reach No. 1 at the Billboard Hot 100. Not to mention their wives (Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas) rocking alongside them. 

2. S.O.S.

S.O.S jonas brothers songs

S.O.S. stands proof of Nick Jones’s musical genius who wrote this song within 10 minutes in the middle of a night. This single track not only entered the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 but also peaked at #13 on the UK charts. 

3. Year 3000

year 3000 songs by Nick Jonas Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas

The music video of this song is quite an interesting one. We see the boys travelling in time to the year 3000 when they meet Kevin Jonas’ great-great-great granddaughters and, later, they come back to the present day. 

4. Burnin’ Up

Selena Gomez WIth Nick Jonas Burnin up song by Jonas Brothers

Burnin’ Up came out in 2008 when their popularity was soaring. It debuted at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This song was also the first ever single of the brothers which had a rap part in it. The music video also features our very favourite Selena Gomez. 

5. When You Look Me In The Eyes

When you look me in the eyes song by Jonas Brother

Amidst their upbeat tracks, the Jonas Brothers decided to take a different turn with this powerful ballad. To this day, When You Look Me In The Eyes remains a high school dance favourite amongst teenagers. 

6. Lovebug

Lovebug Jonas Brothers

Lovebug was written by Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus within 20 minutes. The music video was inspired by the famous movie The Notebook. The track made it to the top 30 at mainstream pop radio. 

7. What A Man Gotta Do

What A Man Gotta Do Song  by Nick Jonas

Released last year, What A Man Gotta Do has a whopping 99 million views on YouTube so far. Set in the 80s, the music video is inspired by three iconic movies of that era. Nick and Priyanka recreate Risky Business, Joe and Sophie reenact Grease and Kevin and Danielle handle Say Anything. 

The Jonas Brothers are one of the most popular and loved boy bands in history. While we can’t make the days go by faster for the Billboard Awards to finally be here, we can make it easier for you to pass these days. Install the Flutin app to listen to all the Jonas Brothers songs above and more.

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