There are many male singers out there whose talents remain unrivalled. However, some artists have surprised the world with their stunning visuals. These most handsome singers have also been globally recognized for their ethereal charms by including them in the list of the 100 most handsome men in the world. Today, we look at 7 singers currently part of The Most Handsome Men 2021.

Internationally Renowned Singers Who Are Also Stealing Ladies' Hearts By Being Part Of The 100 Most Handsome Men 2021

While beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, there are certain men whose breathtaking handsomeness is acknowledged by people all over the world. Some of these men also happen to be globally renowned singers. That’s right – many of the spots in the list of the 100 most handsome men in the world are currently occupied by talented and most handsome singers. Today, we take a look at 7 of The Most Handsome Men 2021 who happen to be amazing singers. 

1. Kim Taehyung (a.k.a V) 

kim taehyung most handsome men 2021

BTS’ member V has been crowned the No. 1 Most Handsome Face in the world numerous times (including the years 2017 and 2020). He has also been included in the list every year, starting from 2016 till the present. Besides having vocals that are deeper than the Pacific Ocean, BTS’ fandom ARMY has given him the nickname CGV because of how unreal he looks in pictures as well as in real life. 

2. Jeon Jungkook (a.k.a Jungkook) 

jeon jungkook 100 most handsome men

The youngest member of BTS, Jungkook, has also been included in the list of the 100 most handsome men of the world repeatedly for several years now. He was crowned the most handsome man in 2019 and is currently the Sexiest International Man in the world. In BTS, JK is the main vocalist and part of the dance line. He has countless other talents like painting, caricature, video editing, athleticism, and more. Jungkook is definitely the definition of “more than a pretty face”.

3. Kim Seokjin (a.k.a Jin) 

kim seokjin aka jin handsome men

BTS’ oldest member Jin has a running gag of calling himself “Worldwide Handsome” on international platforms. Even though he says it every time with a hint of jest, ARMY knows that there’s every ounce of truth in it. Jin has been consistently included in World’s Most Handsome Men, World’s Most Attractive Men and so on. Yes, the global music phenomenon BTS is full of handsome and insanely talented artists. 

4. Justin Bieber

justin beiber

The global superstar and ‘Baby’ singer Justin Bieber has grown up to be one of the most handsome men in the world. Besides his obvious good looks, Justin is a talented singer who has to his credit 7 No. 1 hits on the Billboards chart. 

5. Zayn Malik

zayn malik

Zayn Malik is yet another powerful singer whose looks have enchanted people all over the world. The former member of the boy band One Direction is known for his killer looks and his superhit solo tracks like Pillowtalk and Dusk Till Dawn. 

6. Shawn Mendes

senorita song fame shawn mendes

Shawn Mendes came in 3rd in the 100 Most Handsome Men of 2019 and is a part of the current list as well. However, Shawn’s looks have never overpowered his brilliant songs and performances. The Canadian singer has it all under his sleeves – from a Billboard award to three Grammy nominations. 

7. Niall Horan

Niall Horan

Another ex-member of One Direction, Niall Horan is also considered one of the most handsome men in the world 2021. His latest song with Anne Marie titled Our Song has been receiving immense love and support from fans across the world. 

These were the 7 singers who are currently part of the 100 most handsome men in the world. Numerous other singers are part of this list as well like Joe Jonas, Liam Payne, Charlie Puth, Adam Levine, The Weeknd, Justin Timberlake and Nick Jonas. You can listen to all their superhit tracks on the Flutin app.

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