There are millions of streamers out there who adopt various strategies to have a successful live streaming session. One such live streaming strategy is streaming with pre-recorded videos. This has been a long going debate among streamers. Today, we are going to talk about the potential benefits of streaming pre-recorded videos and how you can do so via Flutin Live.

Live Streaming With Pre-Recorded Videos: The Whys And Hows Of This Intriguing Live Streaming Strategy

Live streaming is quickly replacing traditional forms of entertainment. In fact, it was live streaming that kept the phrase “Picture Abhi Baki hai mere dost” (the movie is yet to finish) intact amidst the pandemic. Each content creator has his or her own live streaming strategy to follow. However, there’s one dilemma which gets them all – streaming live or with pre-recorded videos. Today, we talk about the latter one, discuss the potential benefits of such a strategy and learn how one can stream such videos via our platform Flutin Live.

What is streaming with pre-recorded videos?

The traditional concept of streaming revolves around going live wherein viewers will be able to watch the actions of the streamer in real-time. However, there’s another exciting way of streaming with pre-recorded videos. The concept is extremely simple – you have the video recorded and ready beforehand and stream it whenever you feel the time is right. Does it still come under live streaming? Actually, it does. Live streaming is expanding into various dimensions and pre-recorded videos are quickly gaining traction.

What are the benefits of streaming with pre-recorded videos?

As mentioned earlier, pre-recorded video streaming is becoming quite popular. But, what exactly is driving its popularity? Why should you stop and consider this newer form of streaming? Let’s look at the benefits it offers to understand the hype around it more and whether you should join the bandwagon.

Pre-recorded streaming flutin live

1. Greater Control

With regular live streaming, your cameras are rolling and viewers can watch and track your every movement. This leaves very little room for error and, ultimately, you cannot change the content of the video during the live broadcast in case you didn’t want the viewers to see something that wasn’t planned. This is where pre-recorded videos come off as a better alternative. Since the video is recorded prior to its airing, you can keep or delete any part you feel like and edit it in a more presentable way. Besides, you do need not worry about power cuts or technology glitches while sharing the video.

2. Smoother Viewing Experience

Real-time live videos actually require quite a significant bandwidth on the part of both viewers and streamers to be able to enjoy the stream without any buffering or refreshing the page. This is eliminated to a great extent with pre-recorded videos. This technique offers viewers a more stable and smooth viewing experience that adds to the overall appeal of the event.

3. Better Quality

Adding on to the two points made above, pre-recorded videos ensure better quality in all aspects. Firstly, the video quality itself is comparatively better due to a smooth streaming experience as stated above. Secondly, the quality of the content produced to the viewers is also top-notch. Unlike streaming with live videos, doing so with pre-recorded videos allows you to retake shots as many times as you want to ensure that the end result is nothing short of perfect. 

High quality streaming

4. Storytelling Opportunities

Telling a story through your videos is actually a fantastic way to engage the audience and a common strategy followed by streamers out there. Pre-recorded videos leave all the doors of storytelling open for you to experiment with and find out innovative ways to captivate your audience. Besides, this live streaming technique also allows you to play with camera angles and add background music to add layers of depth to your storytelling. 

5. Greater Flexibility

With streaming live videos, you have only got one chance to do it right. Every line needs to be accurately delivered (whether improvised or not) and the timing has to be right. It’s a one-shot take and there are no redos. But, pre-recorded videos offer much greater flexibility as you can shoot one line, practice for the next one and shoot it perfectly. This also alleviates much of the stress and retains only the fun part of streaming. 

6. Better Timing

You can release pre-recorded videos at a time which would be suitable for all your viewers belonging to different time zones. Even if you are occupied with some work or prior commitments during your planned time of streaming, you need not worry as you are not required to be live in front of the camera. You can take care of your responsibilities and stream your video at the right time while at work or college.

How to live stream with pre-recorded videos on Flutin Live?

We knew you would be intrigued to try out live streaming with pre-recorded videos after finding out about its significant potential. And we know exactly what you need. Here’s how you can live stream with pre-recorded videos via our streaming platform Flutin Live. 

Pre-recorded streaming
  • Visit the official website of Flutin Live.
  • Click on the “Get Started” button in the middle of the page.
  • Here, you would be required to login into your Flutin account if you aren’t already.
  • Click on the button “+New live event” button.
  • Select “Schedule pre-recorded video” from the popup menu that appears.
  • Click on “Upload videos to live stream”.
  • Choose the video you want to upload from your gallery.
  • Click on the three red dots that appear beside the video and select “Schedule Live”.
  • Click on “Next”. Here you can enter the event name, preferred date and time of streaming, tags, genre, and description.  
  • Finally, click on “Save Event” at the bottom and you are good to go.

Are you excited to try out live streaming with pre-recorded videos? Well, what are you waiting for? Head over to Flutin Live to let the fun begin. 

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