Traditional video is slowly being replaced by live video streaming. Over 82% of people prefer watching live streams over any other type of content today. Modern educators are especially interested in this topic, given the increased acceptance of remote learning, which became a great way out for many people! If you want to know more about effective remote learning strategies. Thus, it’s no surprise that live streaming for education has the potential to redefine educational outcomes. A lack of a solid knowledge base makes it difficult, however, to get started. Today, we will look into the why and how of getting started with live streaming for education.

Flutin | Live Streaming for education

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, live video streaming became crucial to ensure the continuity of education. Despite the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions and the return of classes in person, live video still appears to be a major force in education. In this piece, we talk about the benefits of live streaming for education and how you should get started with it.

What type of educational event is best for the live streaming format?

There are numerous types of educational content out there. There are webinars which are held in the online mode. There are workshops, seminars and lectures which can be held both offline and online. Then there are TED Talks and conferences which may include certain online elements. It goes without saying that each of these types comes with its own challenges. 

The good news is that live video streaming is an efficient method of solving the problems faced by all the above forms of educational content. In fact, event organizers can reach much larger audiences with fewer resources at their disposal, gain more exposure with smaller budgets, and encourage real-time interaction. This blog will, therefore, be equally applicable to all types of educational events, whether they are lectures, webinars, TED Talks or large conferences. Each of these segments will be catered to equally well in what follows.

What are the advantages of using live streaming for education?

Live video streaming is an effective and powerful tool to attract attendees for your educational event, be it online or offline. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should choose to live stream your educational event.

1. Enhanced engagement: You can reach a broader audience with live video streaming. Several virtual attendees may also be converted to physical ones. This is because live streaming enables real-time engagement by means of chatting and commenting.

2. Hassle-free and convenient: Flutin makes event organization, set-up and streaming seem like a pleasant walk in the park.

3. Cost-efficient: Live video streaming is an incredibly affordable tool to reach audiences on a global level by just investing in some basic equipment.

4. Seamless learning: Live streams can be easily viewed on smartphones or while on the go. This makes it equally more attractive for your viewers as they can tune in regardless of where they are physical. 

5. Widened reach: Live streaming on social media channels, where the youth lives today, is an excellent way of expanding your reach manifold. 

How should you set up your live stream for education?

After you’ve gained an understanding of the many benefits of live streaming for education, you’re ready to know how to set things up to get started. Live streaming is commonly perceived as a technically difficult process. However, that is not the case. Follow the step-by-step guide below to do it with ease.

Step 1: Select a venue

First, determine whether the event is only online or offline before starting the process. Choosing a venue will largely depend on what the event requires in terms of space. You should check one important criterion before live-streaming the event. You have to make sure the venue has an uninterrupted internet connection. The general lighting in the venue will also need to be examined as you would want everyone to come out great in the video.

Step 2: Get the proper equipment

Flutin: Live Streaming Equipment

Live streaming is not a technically taxing thing to do. You just need to get the basics right to start streaming. This includes a good quality camera for high-resolution videos, an external microphone for clear and quality audio, an audio and video encoder for smooth transmission, and a secure and stable internet connection to prevent your stream from being cut off.

Step 3: Multistream your event

Flutin | Multistream

Multistream basically means streaming your event to multiple platforms (like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) at the same time. This would allow you to tap into the user base of each platform and, thus, expand your reach to the fullest. Flutin lets you multistream to all the major platforms like Twitch, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. 

Step 4: Select the right platform

As mentioned above, Flutin frees you from having to stick to just YouTube or Twitch and lets you enjoy the best of all worlds. Here are some other intuitive features that you will absolutely love.

Flutin| Monetize Live Stream
  • Monetization: You can pick from various monetization methods such as ticket sales, donations, paid requests, and so on.
  • Pre-recorded streaming: You can even stream pre-recorded seminars, webinars, conferences, etc. via Flutin.
  • Scheduled streaming: Flutin lets you schedule a stream well in advance so that you as well as your viewers have time to prepare for the event.
  • Customization: Flutin lets you display your own logo and branding on your stream, insert video captions and display important links or information on the ticker that rolls past at the bottom of the screen.
  • Screen sharing: Flutin also lets you bring a maximum of three guests to your event and share screens for the audience to view them all at the same time.
  • Chat highlighting: You can now highlight the chat you would be responding to for other viewers to know what you are talking about.

Step 6: Go live

Now all that’s left to do is hit the “Go Live” button and experience it all for yourself. You will definitely get better with time and experience.

Head over to Flutin today to begin live streaming for education!

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