The coronavirus outbreak has really taken a toll on the entire world. While people struggle to adjust to the new reality of life, artists have put together motivational songs to help people defeat the virus. Here are 8 COVID-19 awareness songs that will give you the will power you need to get through these unsettling times.

COVID-19 Awareness Songs To Draw Inspiration From In These Challenging Times

The coronavirus outbreak has turned the world upside down. Yet, people don’t fully understand the severity of this global crisis and the importance of staying in isolation. Artists have taken the liberty to use their voice and creativity to spread information about the pandemic and encourage people to abide by the rules of the lockdown via motivational songs. Here are 8 such COVID-19 awareness songs that you must listen to and share with your friends and family. 

1. Pyaar Karo Na

One of the most popular coronavirus awareness songs out there is by the ‘Tiger of Bollywood’ himself. It’s more of a motivational rap in which Salman Khan tries to spread awareness about this deadly virus and urges people to keep themselves safe. 

2. Phir Muskurayega India

Phir Muskurayega India is composed by Vishal Mishra and co-produced by Akshay Kumar. The songs stars Akshay Kumar, Kartik Aaryan, Siddharth Malhotra, Kiara Advani and Kriti Sanon among other Bollywood stars. It attempts to spread some positivity around amid all the reports of coronavirus and reassures people that India will get over this crisis. 

3. Salaam

Salaam is a motivational rap sung by the rapper Divine. This rap is aimed at saluting those people (policemen, healthcare workers, etc.) who are fighting the COVID-19 as frontline warriors. Join in with Divine to acknowledge and “salaam” those who are risking their safety for yours. 

Salaam sung by Divine COVID-19 Awareness Songs To Draw Inspiration From In These Challenging Times
Salaam By Divine

4. We Will Stay At Home

We Will Stay At Home is another one of the best COVID-19 awareness songs. Sung by MM Keeravani, this song attempts to educate people about the importance of social distancing and self-isolation and encourages people to stay safely at home. 

5. Teri Mitti (Tribute) 

The video of the Teri Mitti tribute song shows a woman explaining the song in sign language for the deaf and mute. The song is dedicated to the “heroes in white” and salutes the courageous efforts of doctors and healthcare workers who are consistently putting their own health at risk to fight the coronavirus. 

teri mitti song by akshay kumar sung by B praak for the covid19 warriors.
Teri Mitti Tribute

6. Thahar Ja

At a time when people all over the country are going through mental as well as physical distress over the ongoing crisis, Ajay Devgn releases the song Thahar Ja. In this song sung by Mehul Vyas, Ajay urges people to pause and reflect on the small joys of life that they have been ignoring and pray for the best. “We will weather this storm together”, says the actor. His son, Yug, is also credited as an assistant director in the video. 

7. Corona Virus Alert

Corona Virus Alert is one of the coronavirus awareness songs out there sung by the Ugandan pop star Bobi Wine. In this song, Wine encourages people to frequently wash their hands without fail and urges the government to develop better healthcare systems. 

8. Khamakha 

Khamakha is a motivational rap sung by the celebrated rapper of India Naezy. In this rap, Naezy talks about how people are safe in their homes and not out on the roads. He spreads the message that the only way to defeat the virus is to stay indoors and abide by the rules. 

khamkha song sung by naezy for the covid19 warrior
Khamakha By Naezy

These were some of the best motivational songs out there spreading awareness about the coronavirus outbreak. Download the Flutin app to listen to these songs for free and share them with your friends and family to help them get through these tough times.

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