It’s no secret that the pandemic has boosted the world of virtual streaming and real-time interaction even after being continents apart from each other. However, what you may have missed recognizing is that live streaming is constantly evolving. One of the cutting edge features available today is multistreaming, which has the potential to grow your reach and virtual presence exponentially. Today, we will discuss the multistreaming benefits and how you can do it too with our streaming platform Flutin Live.

A Complete Guide To Multistreaming Benefits And How To Do It With Flutin Live

The live streaming world is bigger than ever before – and it is ever-growing. It has evolved from a platform of real-time communication and is slowly replacing traditional forms of entertainment. And today, it is possible to go beyond the conventional benefits offered by live streaming with multistreaming. Multistreaming is a form of virtual streaming wherein you stream to more than one platform simultaneously. Today, we’ll take a look at multistreaming benefits and how to do it with Flutin Live.

How to Multistream Online Events With Flutin Live

Flutin Live realizes the amazing growth opportunities that multistreaming presents to streamers, especially beginners. This is why we offer the multistreaming feature, along with the multi-chat option, to help our users maximize their potential. Here’s how you can multistream via Flutin Live.

  • Head over to Flutin Live and login to your account using your credentials.
  • Go to “Create New Event” to schedule a live event.
  • Fill in all the necessary details about your live streaming session like the name of the event, description, image, tags, duration, etc. and press on the “Save” button.
  • Pick the method of monetization of your choice and whether you want notifications and reminders to be sent to your followers about your live stream.
  • Go to “Broadcast Channels” and select all the channels you would like to stream to like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, etc. (if you haven’t connected your social media channels already, you can do while creating or even after you have created your Flutin Live account).
  • If you haven’t subscribed to our premium plan already, you will be prompted to subscribe at this point. Subscribe to our platform to enjoy more such amazing features.
  • Publish your event and, once you go live, your stream would be broadcasted to all the chosen platforms.

You can also engage in RTMP streaming via Flutin Live under the “Custom RTMP” option in the “Channels” section. Then, enter necessary details like your nickname, RTMP server link and stream key and click on “Add custom RTMP”. You can thus engage in RTMP streaming via OBS Studio. 

Why Multistream To These Platforms

If you are not convinced yet, here are a few more reasons why you must be streaming to the above-mentioned platforms.

YoutTube Live: Apart from easy monetization methods, content creators can create accounts and start streaming live without spending anything.

Facebook Live: The most convenient benefit of live streaming for viewers is that there are no advertisements on Facebook Live. Just like YouTube, Facebook Live is also absolutely free.

Instagram Live: One of the biggest advantages of Instagram Live is that it displays the live streams at the front of the storyline so that your followers don’t miss watching your live sessions.

Twitch: Apart from being the most popular streaming platform in the world currently, Twitch allows great monetization opportunities and immense flexibility in how you choose to run the ads.

RTMP Streaming: RTMP is an absolute favourite among streamers because it offers amazing flexibility (streams can be skipped, rewound or joined after they have begun), low latency and is easy to integrate. 

Multistreaming benefits

What Are The Benefits Of Multistreaming Online Events

Multistreaming offers a plethora of benefits to streamers that boost their online presence and build their brand equity. We have mentioned below the major reasons why you should be multistreaming (or at least considering it) already.

1. Wider Reach

Before we get into it, let us look at some facts and figures. Facebook has over 1.9 billion daily active users, Instagram has over 500 million daily active users, YouTube has over 300 million daily active users, and so on. You can see where we are going with this.

When you stream to just one platform (say Facebook), you are potentially losing out on billions of viewers that are present on other streaming platforms. With multistreaming, that is no longer the case. The most notable benefit of multistreaming is that you can stream to all these platforms (and more) simultaneously and expand your reach by being present on platforms where your audiences are instead of making them come to your desired platform. 

2. Community Building

Live streaming is all about engaging and interacting with your audience in real-time. But, you must be wondering how you can chat with viewers of each platform in case of multistreaming. Well, that’s not a concern anymore. Platforms like Flutin Live are equipped with a multi-chat feature. This displays all the comments from various channels that you stream to in a single place. This makes it incredibly easy to chat with all of your viewers while streaming and not miss out on them. And the more you sincerely address and interact with the audience, the stronger the bond and sense of community grow between you and your viewers.

3. Audience Insights

Each streaming platform has a unique set of features to offer. For instance, the analytics and metrics present on platforms like YouTube and Twitch help you understand where your content is performing better, what type of users form the majority of your viewers, and so on. This information goes a long way in helping you form an informed decision about which platform to stream to. This not only saves your time and effort but also offers you valuable insight on how to improve your content in future.

4. Time-Saving

If you are not making use of multistreaming yet, you are essentially wasting precious time which you could have utilized in coming up with more creative content to boost engagement. Multi-platform streaming is an incredible way of saving valuable time. For instance, YouTube automatically saves your live streams and uploads them as videos for viewers to watch in case they have missed it or want to watch it again. This saves you valuable time as you no longer have to download your live streams and upload them separately on different platforms. Since the streams get saved, you can also repurpose and upload them.

5. Convenience

Let’s face it: multistreaming is convenient for both you and your viewers. As mentioned above, you get to the benefits offered by each streaming platform and tap into their wide user base. On the flip side, it is extremely convenient for your viewers to find you in the platform where they are the most comfortable instead of having to switch to a different platform to watch your stream. This, in turn, increases the rate of viewership as your audience is more likely to tune into your streams.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Flutin Live and start multistreaming today.

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