The rap talent show, HomeStars Rapchik organized by Flutin, gave numerous budding rappers a platform to showcase their talent and make the world listen to them. And we are proud to announce that two of the contestants, Prith V and Kst Kshitij, have collaborated with Flutin to release their first rap track Fitrat – a song about the battle within a person between the brighter and darker side of his conscience.

flutin first presets fitrat rap song

As human beings, we are not perfect – we all carry the weight of our imperfections unique to us. But, regardless of how different we are from the other, we all have a certain thing in common – our daily battle to prevent our evil side from taking over. As a victim of wrong doing yourself (regardless of how trivial it was), all the wrong doings around you tempt you to give in, to let go of your sense of what is right and fair and let the dark side consume you. But, somewhere at the back of your conscience, there’s that one sliver of hope, one shining light that guides your sanity and what holding on to this slice of goodness within you means and takes are brilliantly portrayed by Prith V and Kst Kshitij in the song ‘Fitrat.’ 

“10 Sar Magar Buddhi Jaise Ek Ki Tarah

Khud Ko Tu Tabah Kar

Khud Se Bacha”

And by drawing similarities between the evil within a person and Raavan, Prith V and Kst Kshitij have come up with a track that’s bound to make you stop and indulge in some deep introspection. Voicing the bad conscience within, Prith V raps about what every person goes through in their lives. How evil seems to be the only way out, how greed and hubris corrupt our soul, how we deem ourselves to be higher than all others, how oppression drives us to take a stand against humanity, how we start believing in spreading hatred rather than love and how we find solace in power. 

Kst Kshitij, on the other hand, voices the goodness within us and why it’s essential to keep this side at the forefront of our minds. He makes us realize that we’ll be alone in the twisted world of hatred and oppression, that our pride clouds our ability to think rationally, and that indulging in wrong doings and furthering the wrong cause will be our downfall. He speaks the harsh truth that we try to dodge – nothing is constant in life and life is not just about earning loads of money. More to life, more beautiful things to uncover can only be seen with a mind rid of hatred, pride, wrath, and all other qualities that make a man live hell. 

Meet The Rappers Behind This Moving Track

As mentioned above, this track is the creative genius of two former contestants of HomeStars Rapchik. A college student who goes by the name Kst Kshitji and a rapper, producer, singer and lyricist Prith V. While the former takes inspiration from Jay-Z and dreams of owning his own production house with his team. The latter draws motivation from his parents, Raftaar, Divine, Eminem and Joyner Lucas and wishes to be a musical icon and an entrepreneur in the music industry. 

rap battle between prith V and kst kshitij

‘Fitrat’ is a rap song that will help you fight and defeat your evil side each time you feel that you’ve lost all hope. You can catch this empowering song on Flutin First YouTube Channel.

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