There’s a new buzzword in the town of live streaming – influencer streaming. More and more social media influencers are turning to streaming platforms to expand their reach. Have you ever stopped and wondered why influencers live stream? This is because 80% of consumers have been found to prefer live videos over blogs and social media posts. The market is exploding with opportunities and this is just the beginning. One must know how to leverage this growing industry to their own benefit. Today, we are going to talk about the best marketing tips for influencers live stream.

Live Streaming For Social Media Influencers: Top Marketing Tips To Master Influencers Live Streams

The live streaming industry is growing at an unparalleled rate. It has grown around 100% between April 2019 and April 2020 alone. And this growth is expected to skyrocket further. According to Cisco, live video is expected to grow 15-fold and reach 17% of all internet traffic by the year 2022. Social media influencers have not been sleeping during this time. They have been quick to realize the potential of this market and ride the growing wave. If you are an influencer and don’t know how to go about influencer live streaming, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Understanding Influencer Streaming

Influencer live streams are all about connecting and interacting with your followers. And there’s no better way to do that in real-time than live streaming. From having normal conversations to taking questions from your viewers and clarifying their doubts, streaming is the best way to build a strong relationship with your audience.

If you are still not convinced, here are a few benefits that explain why influencers live stream:

Higher Engagement

Higher engagement Flutin Live

Live streaming makes viewers feel like a part of the event and, thus, keeps them engaged and entertained. Real-time interaction goes a long way in making them feel included and winning their trust.

Tangible Returns

Influencers live streams monetization flutin live

With traditional forms of influencer marketing, it is hard to actually gauge and measure the outcome in numbers. However, live streaming not only gives you tangible results in the form of the number of people watching your content and the revenues you pull in but also lets you know where you are going wrong and what improvements need to be done.


Today, live streaming is as simple as whipping out your smartphone, logging in to a platform like Facebook or Instagram and pressing the “Go Live” button. There’s no need for editing as well. All you need to do is plan your content right and make sure the streaming setup is good to go. With the click of a button, you can reach out to millions of people.

Greater Visibility

Even social media platforms are biased towards live streamers. On streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc., people who are live are displayed on the top of their followers’ feeds to ensure they don’t miss the event.

Multistreaming For Influencers

It’s established by now that live streaming is incredibly beneficial for influencers. But, what if you could reach each platform’s users at the same time without telling them to switch from one platform to another and, as a result, lose half the number of viewers in the process? That’s where the multistreaming feature comes in and saves the day. Today, you can stream to all the streaming giants like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. at the same time, thanks to Flutin Live. 

Influencers streams multistreaming

Multistreaming eliminates the need of identifying which platform most of your followers use and streaming only to that platform while losing out on the rest of the people. Your viewers can easily watch your stream on the platform of their choice. This increased convenience adds to the overall streaming experience for you as well as your viewers.

Marketing Tips For Influencers

You must have gotten a decent picture of the world of influencer streaming. But, you are not ready to stream yet. Here are some of the most foolproof marketing tips that you must keep in mind while streaming.

1. Don’t Cheap Out On Your Live Streaming Setup

Anyone with a smartphone can stream these days on Instagram, Facebook, and other such platforms. However, this doesn’t speak much about your seriousness and professionalism. Besides, this is not how you build a base of loyal followers. People these days prefer watching content in at least high definition. Therefore, it is best to invest in a good quality camera, microphone, laptop, and lighting. 

2. Don’t Reply On Streaming Completely

Starting your own streaming channel isn’t the cue for you to ditch your other marketing channels. You still need to stay relevant and spread the word around. Continue making new posts on social media, writing blogs on your website, and whatever other things you used to do before. 

3. Collaborate With Brands With Whom You Connect

Do not turn greedy while streaming and say yes to partnering with a brand you don’t like or know nothing about. You must be the first person to be excited about your content. Only then will other people believe in your authenticity.

4. Get The Timing Right

Figure out the time when most of your viewers are active on social media platforms and try to stream during those hours. You must also consider other factors like the type of content you would be presenting, the devices your viewers use to watch live videos and, most importantly, the time zones they live in.

5. Plan Your Live Streams

Do not go into live streaming clueless about your next steps. It wouldn’t take your audience even a second to tap the close button. Have a structure in mind to avoid awkward silences or mishaps. 

6. Embrace Your Own Self

Just because you are in front of a camera doesn’t mean you have to act. Show your true self during live streaming. Your authenticity will make it easier for the audience to connect and relate with you.

7. Pick the Right Streaming Tool

Streaming tool

One dilemma that every streamer faces is deciding which streaming platform to choose. As mentioned before, Flutin Live makes it as clear as water for you. With our multistreaming feature, you can stream to all the mega streaming platforms simultaneously and reach more audiences on each platform.

Influencers live stream has taken off but it’s not too late to hop on this rewarding train. Head over to Flutin Live today and enjoy streaming.

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