The live streaming market was estimated to be close to a billion dollars in 2021 and is expected to reach $4.26 billion in the next 6 years. This growth figure starts to make more sense when you realize that live streamers are slowly replacing traditional forms of entertainment. Ask any millennial today and they will tell you the names of at least five successful streamers. If you are a beginner too, you must look up to the success of live streamers such as PewDiePie, Shroud, Ninja, Pokimane and so many more. Have you ever wondered what a day in their lives looks like? Here’s a sneak peek into the successful lives of globally renowned live streamers. 

Successful Streamers

There must be at least one insanely popular live streamer you enjoy watching, like millions of others. And, like those millions of others, you must have also noticed the money pouring in from their fans as donations or merch sales. If you watch such live streamers and hope to someday be like him/her, you are not alone. In fact, many people begin their streaming channels on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, etc. in the hopes of being loved and followed by millions of people. Even though it’s important to dream big, you must also give yourself the reality check you need to not be lost in the world of imagination. Successful streamers do not gain a massive following just by chatting with their fans and playing games. So, if you too want to reach new heights, you must know what a day looks like in the life of a successful streamer.

Is live streaming a sustainable career option?

The thousands of viewers successful streamers command or the sponsorship deals they land and the cash they earn entice people to imagine themselves doing the same. While they live lavishly off of the money they make via streaming, the odds of you reaching the level of the leading streamers in the world are very low. Besides, you will be competing against millions of streamers around the world (for instance, Twitch itself has over 8 million active streamers). This is what takes aspiring streamers years to build a substantial following. But, if you are determined in your quest and are ready to pour in the efforts, then you may just be the next Pokimane or Shroud.

What does a day in the life of a successful streamer look like?

If you’re considering going full-time with streaming, you should know what a typical day looks like for a streamer. How do streamers spend their free time?

A live streamer is someone who broadcasts live videos to an online audience over the internet. The majority of streamers play video games, but some showcase their hobbies such as singing or painting. Their live broadcasts also include interactions with and entertainment for viewers. For gamers, it’s essential to bring out a side of their personality which is uniquely appealing to their viewers. 

What does it take to be a professional streamer?

You may wonder how amateur streamers differ from professional ones since anyone can stream live free of charge on a variety of platforms. Professional streamers are those people whose livelihood depends on streaming, for the most part. Therefore, for them, streaming and building a social media presence is like a full-time job. When they are not streaming, they are engaged in other activities dedicated to promoting and growing their channels like guest-starring on other streamers’ live sessions, designing merch, repurposing past streams, getting deals from brands, etc. They may also be engaged in other kinds of work such as researching for new ideas, analyzing their streaming statistics, maintaining their streaming equipment and setups, and so on.

Can you earn a living from streaming?

Although live streaming can earn you a living, it is not easy. A streaming career can take years to kick off if you’re starting from scratch. Even then, the amount of money you make will depend on numerous factors like how often you go live, the number of viewers you clock in, the promotional activities you engage in, and so on. Even the streaming platform you choose can make an impact on your streaming revenue. While most platforms offer multiple monetization methods, some, like Twitch, limit the ways you can earn money. 

How much does a professional streamer make?

According to estimates made by Influencer Marketing Hub (based on subscribers and viewers), Ninja emerged as the highest-paid Twitch streamer, clocking an estimated revenue of $25 million. Next in line were PewDiePie at $20 million and Shroud at $12 million. However, you should not expect to make even close to these figures, especially if you are still in your first year of streaming. According to The Business of Apps, Twitch streamers who broadcast about 40 hours a week can earn between $3,000 and $5,000 per month.

What are some extra monetization methods?

Apart from the primary chosen streaming platform, you can monetize your streams in multiple ways such as:

  • Accepting donations by streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously
  • Getting sponsored by brands
  • Creating and selling your own merch
monetize live streams

How can you become a successful live streamer?

Here are a few tips on becoming a successful live streamer:

  • You must set a clear and realistic live streaming goal and work towards it.
  • You must decide on a unique factor that sets your channel apart from millions of others. This can be a talent you possess, your editing skills, or simply your quirky personality.
  • Determine your target audience and aim at promoting your content to them.
  • You must be regular and consistent, especially in your earlier years, so that people know when to catch you live.
  • Live streaming can be more hectic than it seems. So, ensure to take time out for yourself and your friends or family.

Now that you know all about professional streamers and what it takes to be one, head over to Flutin to explore this journey today.

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